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Dr. David Anderson's work on Time Travel

Discussion in 'Time Travel Claims' started by backto1992, Apr 25, 2010.

  1. backto1992

    backto1992 Member

    Hi folks,

    I came across the work of Dr. David Anderson, an American physicist who claims that he has successfully developed a time warp field generator that allows a person to go forwards or backwards in time.

    Info at:
    and at www.andersoninstitute.com

    In January, 2010, Dr. Anderson chatted with Art Bell on the Coast to Coast radio show to discuss the state of time travel research in labs around the world and also to alert listeners to the risks and dangers of unscrupulous scientists/agencies who are pursuing time travel research.

    I listened to the radio interviews on coast to coast (the radio interviews can be listened from the first link above

    Directory:Anderson Institute's Time Control Technology - PESWiki

    Dr. Anderson's claims have a ring of authenticity to them but the experiments haven't been demonstrated to the public.

    Any thoughts on Dr. Anderson's work? It sounds quite interesting.
  2. Darby

    Darby Well-Known Member

    Re: Dr. David Anderson's work on Time Travel

    Sure. My thoughts in one word - can you say "scam"?

    We've followed this guy for years. There is no Time Travel Research Association. Back in 2002, when he closed it down it consisted of a PO Box, website to collect membership dues and a telephone answering service - also to collect membership dues.

    When he opened the World Genesis Foundation he simply used the same PO Box.

    Read this thread on some early investigation that we did back in 2002 on Anderson:

    In that thread you'll see this reference:

    "26 Apr 2002 - David Anderson Named As Ambassador of Youth for United Nations Education, Science and Cultural Association."

    As we said back then, it makes it look as if he was named as an Ambassador to UNESCO.

    There is no such organization as "United Nations Education, Science and Cultural Association". UNESCO is an acronym for United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. He's even become a bit craftier and replaced "Association" with "Organization" on his new site to make it look even more like the full name for UNESCO. He did drop the UN flag logo sometime between 2002 and today. THere's one way and one way only for a US Citizen to be appointed as an Ambassador to the UN or any other state. The President appoints the candidate with the advise and consent of the US Senate.


    Here's a press release issued by his new employer back in 2002:

    The press release includes a professional CV for "Doctor" David Anderson. Notice that there's not a word about his being a PhD or a physicist, two items that would certainly be included, if true, in any press release about a new VP for a Bosch owned company. And not a word about his being the world's leading authority on the theoretical physics of time travel. There's also the always vague "former Air Force Officer" reference. Not once has he ever indicated what rank he held. He's never ever disclosed where he attended college, when he graduated (or if he graduated), what he majored in, when he graduated. There's never been anything in his bio, other than he owns certain websites and the above listed job, that can be verified. When asked he refused to give a straight answer.

    Now here's his CV, in part, as currently listed on one of his companies, BioMetric Visions:


    "American physicist" Dr. David L. Anderson. They now have the full correct name for UNESCO. But he change's his title a bit - he "acts" as Ambassador to UNESCO.

    Caveat emptor, my friend.
  3. backto1992

    backto1992 Member

    Re: Dr. David Anderson's work on Time Travel

    Wow, that was thorough. Thanks, Darby. It certainly raises a lot of questions about him. I wonder how he made it on to Coast 2 Coast AM with Art Bell. You'd think that the Coast to Coast radio people would be more thorough in checking the backgrounds of potential radio guests.
  4. Darby

    Darby Well-Known Member

    Re: Dr. David Anderson's work on Time Travel

    That one's rather easy to answer. C2C AM is entertainment. It's not news and it's certainly not sience. A year (maybe 18 months) after Anderson shut down the TTCC/TTRA website "fell off the face of the Earth" Art wondered aloud on his show what ever happened to Anderson - did he go a time traveling and get lost in time?

    We contacted him and told him exactly where Anderson had gotten to - his new job in Rochester, NY with Bosch. But Art didn't let facts stand in the way of a good yarn.

    On Anderson's last guest spot propr to closing down TTRA his last caller was a young lady who just happened to be a PhD candidate in physics (or at least that's what she said). She asked Anderson some very astute physics guestions that involved some differential calculus. Dr. Anderson stutered, sputtered and fell flat on his face...almost. Art rescued him by cutting into the answer. Anderson obviously has some technical background otherwise he wouldn't have been offered a VP with Bosch. But he isn't a PhD in physics.

    Here's some threads to look at on Anomalies.net:




  5. gointime

    gointime New Member

    Darby, I am researching into Anderson's persona for a relativelly long time. But was not able to come across of any shows where as you say "On Anderson's last guest spot propr to closing down TTRA his last caller was a young lady who just happened to be a PhD candidate in physics (or at least that's what she said). She asked Anderson some very astute physics guestions that involved some differential calculus. Dr. Anderson stutered, sputtered and fell flat on his face...almost. Art rescued him by cutting into the answer. Anderson obviously has some technical background otherwise he wouldn't have been offered a VP with Bosch. But he isn't a PhD in physic"

    Is there a way for you to point me into any direction where I can find facts of what you saying. I need it for my research project. I would very apreciate your help.
  6. Darby

    Darby Well-Known Member


    Anomalies.net is down right now so I can't get to the thread that I posted the day after the above referenced guest appearance on C2C AM. When its back up I'll try to find the thread so you have a date of the appearance. Other than that I doubt that the show is in the current C2C AM public archive because it aired about 10 years ago - just before Art Bell's first "retirement".

    I only caught the specific show because we were actively looking into Anderson at the time and someone posted that Anderson would be making a guest appearance otherwise I would not have listened to the show that night.

    By the time that the show aired we were already aware that there was no "time travel research" laboratory, that the TTRA/TTRC consisted only of a PO Box, phone and one staff to read the mail and the TTRA/TTRC "monthly" research newsletter sent to dues paying members was a volume of one edition sent out month after month to new members who never saw a second edition. And membership was not cheap. Here's the price list from his site in 2002:

  7. Darby

    Darby Well-Known Member

    I copies & pasted the above price list but it didn't format correctly. The two prices are for in the US and outside the US. As I said in another post, Anderson's involvement in "time travel research" was just one method he used to get people to send him money. In the past few years he's had a dozen or more websites, mostly set up to appear to be non-profits (and maybe they are - I didn't do that much research) under the general umbrella of the Anderson Institute/Anderson Multinational LLC - New York (www.andersoninstitute.com)- all requesting money. I checked on the sites last night and they are now all defunct. Only the World Genesis Foundation remains.

    We do know who Anderson's attorney is for the Anderson Institute: Louis Ryen, Rochester, NY. His practice specialty? Debt recovery and bankruptcy. Anderson Multinational LLC is no longer listed with the NY Secretary of State as an active company. :)

    Caveat emptor
  8. Dr. Shackleton

    Dr. Shackleton New Member


    Try this link for the Coast to Coast interview in 2010.

    I think its the link you are looking for.

    Youtube has many of these shows from the past.

  9. Darby

    Darby Well-Known Member


    No - a 2010 video link is not what we're looking for. Anderson closed the TTRC/TTRA back in 2002 when he was hired by Bosch. What's interesting today is that all of his Anderson Institute sites have closed down and his current attorney is a bankruptcy specialist.

    Do I believe that Anderson is a grifter? Yes. Can I prove that he's a grifter? No. But I won't be buying any of his products. The only reason that I paid him the fee back in 2001 was to see just what sort of scam it was. When he proved to me that he was precisely what I suspected I'd had enough.
  10. Ken

    Ken Active Member

    I agree about Anderson, he sounds very interesting...but that's about it. Personally I would LOVE to see time travel technology ...it would be the greatest invention in the world. But again, I just don't see how it could ever be developed.
  11. Darby

    Darby Well-Known Member

    Yeah, and snake oil mongers sounded "interesting" to the geeks 100 years ago. The guy was never involved in time travel research. The only research he was involved in was Internet marketing research. But don't take my word on it. Do the Google on him, find his latest site where you can make a "donation" and send him your credit card number and an amount of money that you want to give him. Wait a few months and come back and let us know how that's working for you.
  12. Ken

    Ken Active Member

    Oh trust me friend... I believe you! I heard his interview that night on Coast to Coast and thought then he was a loon.
  13. Darby

    Darby Well-Known Member

    The thing is, he's not a loon. He's educated, though just how much college education he has is unknown - he's been asked and won't say. A 2002 bio in a press release in Security World Magazine announcing that he's been hired by Bosch subsidiary Detections Systems, Inc. simply says "former USAF officer, scientist...his educational background includes physics, philosophy and engineering." Nothing about any undergraduate degree or PhD. The bio appears as if he wrote it himself because is it virtually a copy of what he's always said about himself - vague references to his background. He's been asked many times in interviews to state when he was in the Air Force, what rank he held, how long was he in the Air Force, where did he attend college, what was his major, what degree was conferred, where did he attend graduate school, what school conferred his PhD and in what major. He always dodges those specific questions.

    He wasn't hired as a scientist. He was the VP for security alarm system promotion and sales (and it appears that he was only there for a year or two). The time travel guru is a burglar alarm salesman who also runs several alt-sci websites that one can invest in. That's how he makes his money.

    No, he's not a loon. He's one of those people who depend on the loons to fork over their money to him for time travel, free energy and yada-yada typical Internet alt-sci/New Age fruitbat guano.

    There's a recent thread here (maybe two months old) where many of his current websites are listed. It's all under the general cover of Anderson Multinational, LLC a now dissolved NY company (dissolved lasy July). All of the websites are very similar to the original Time Travel Research Association website back in 2002-2004: slick cookie cutter webpage style sheets, stock corporate photos giving the impression that each business is housed in an ultra modern hi-tech research park of some sort, major corportate logos giving the impression that the "biggies" are somehow associated with the business. But its all a "Wizard of Oz behind a screen" misdirection.

    If you're interested in doing some background work on him start with Anderson Multinational, LLC. Google it. Go to the NY Secretary of State business search database:

    NYS Division of Corporations, State Records and UCC

    Search for "Anderson Multinational" and choose "All" because the LLC is current inactive.

    The output will be the corporate filing for Anderson International and it will list the corporate headquarters for this worldwide "giant" as 620 Park Ave, #308, Rochester, NY 14607. Google Earth the address. No hi-tech ultra modern worldwide headquarters. It's a flatroof apartment building in a residential neighborhood. At least its a step up from the old Time Travel Research Association. It wasn't even an apartment or house. That ultra modern high-tech super secret research lab working on the very cutting edge of time travel technology was a PO Box in Smithtown, NY and a phone answering service. After he shut down the TTRA he formed World Genesis Foundation. For the remaining time that he lived in Smithtown World Genesis had the same PO Box and phone number as TTRC. It changed to his apartment in Rochester when he moved.

    Then try World Genesis Foundation, Wisdom Art, Santa Fe, NM, Rapid Express Transport, Internet Solutions People (my favorite - they use IBM's "Big Blue" corporate logo fontface to make their own logo "ISP". Cute), ...you'll get the idea from there. Follow the links. There used to be a lot more sites but they all went down last July. The two things they all had in common was Anderson Multinational, LLC and World Genesis Foundation.

    Now, scammer that he is, I have to say that he does seem to have the ability to attract women. His girlfriend Heather Canton is smoking hot...and in on the gag.

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