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Free Energy Machines

Discussion in 'New Science and Alternate Energies' started by Leonard, Oct 8, 2002.

  1. Leonard

    Leonard New Member

    Faraday Homopolar Dynamo

    Tried out a simple faraday homopolar dynamo or electric generator.
    It consists of a disk spinning in a magnetic field. When the disc spins,
    an electric current I was produced which was in a direction perpendicular
    to the disk's velocity and perpendicular to the magnetic field direction.
    A current was produced even if the magnet which is the magnetic field source
    spins with the disk. The ammeter measuring the curent I has to have a low
    input coil wire resistance like 1ohm = R or less.
  2. Leonard

    Leonard New Member

    Part 2: faraday homopolar dynamo continued:

    The magnet producing the magnetic field intensity B
    is attached to the disk and rotates with it. This means
    there should be no back torque between current I,
    the magnet, and mover that spins the disk.
  3. Leonard

    Leonard New Member

    Faraday Homopolar Dynamo Part3:

    The electrical voltage from the faraday homopolar dynamo is:

    V=B*w*(b^2 -a^2) ,

    where B is the magnet's magnetic field intensity, w is the disk spinning speed,
    a is inner radius on disk where V is taken, and b is the outer radius where
    V is taken. The disk radius b= 0.04 metre with copper disk thickness of
    about 0.005 metre. Torque T is required to rotate disk against friction between part.
    The mechanical power to spin disc again friction is T*w.
    The electrical efficiency is:

    B=0.1 tesla., w=50 radians/second, a=0.01 metre, R=r= 0.1 ohm.

    For other experiments see: [email protected]
  4. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Re: Free Energy Machines ( Mag-Ball )

    I have designed a working magnetic engine capable of running an entire city. :devil:

    the only problem is I need someone help, and expertice to build it. :confused:

    for anyone interested, E-mail me at [email protected] .

    I am going to be creating a team of trained scientist/hobbiests to build this prototype, then...

    if the results are as planned... we will go public.
  5. Persephone

    Persephone New Member

    Conspiracies To Prevent FREE ENERGY?

    Do you think there are presently companies/governments that discourage development of self-sustaining energy producing systems because of greed and because of national security concerns in regard to the economy?

    I remember in the late 70's seeing a gentleman on Johnny Carson who proclaimed to have invented a "Free Energy" type machine. I was just a kid at the time, and maybe this guy was a crack, but what of it? Does anyone remember this and know who he was?

  6. Transient001

    Transient001 Well-Known Member

    Re: Conspiracies To Prevent FREE ENERGY?

    Friend Persephone

    I do remember that early in 1968 a guy reported that he had designed a car tire that would never need replacement.

    Back in 1987 another inventor in Austria reported that he had engineered a generator that could power an entire house just by employing two pounds of Carbon.

    Another guy back in 1973, had his car running on.....water.

    What happened to all this inventions? No one knows. Maybe they were bought by the governments to avoid the inventors getting a patent on them, or worse they were silenced. The funny thing is that this perpetual inventions would destroy the economy as we know it. And some of the guys calling the shots in the hill would not like that.

    So here we are, capable of enjoying great technologies and not doing it because some pencil pusher wants to get richer.

    Until later becomes now.
  7. Persephone

    Persephone New Member

    Re: Conspiracies To Prevent FREE ENERGY?

    Dear Transient Friend,

    What I recall was during the early 70's, from probably '73-'76 or there-abouts. I do not think it was the water fueled car? But maybe it was. I remember it more as a perpetual motion device, electro-magnetic I think.

    Anyway, I was just a kid, and can not recall the details.

    But it is true and very sad, that in a capitalistic society, if a renewable and basically free energy source is found it can not be pursured, because it might cause a basic breakdown of the economics of that society. Irony.

    Conspiracies about such things existing, or being discovered surely exist. Sad isn't it. Such breakthroughs could do so much.

    Some say the Vatican holds such secrets in it's hidden archives, or that secret societies do.

    I do not know. I only know that we are not doing what we can to think about the future of our planet and it's inhabitants. Our priorities for research our skewed.

  8. Transient001

    Transient001 Well-Known Member

    Re: The Sadness of Not wanting to plan

    Dear Friend Persephone

    The problem is that the great capitalistic organizations of our world, being blind with money and power, do not realize the great damage they are causing to the future. They, thinking that will perdure for all eternity are not planning for their proginy and this will surely be their downfall.

    I do hope people someday realize about this and do something about it.

    Until later becomes now.
  9. Leonard

    Leonard New Member

    Faraday Homopolar Dynamo: Part 4

    The current I from the homopolar dynamo can be pulsed and then send to a primary coil of an
    electrical transformer. The signal voltage from the secondary output coil of the transformer
    should be proportional to the current I send into the primary coil when the output coil drives an electrical load.

    Before a free electrical energy theory can be made, electrical voltage V must be defined.
    The electromotive force or voltage from a electric generator E can be defined as the
    voltage needed to produce an electric current I between to two spark gaps with metal electrodes
    spaced at a distance d. The E= I * d. The I is measured by an ammeter. and d with a micrometer.
    The voltage is the same voltage measured with a d'Arsonval current meter but is labeled as V.
    This meter uses a coil's electromagnetic field to push against a magnetic field of a magnet. The
    d'Arsonval voltmeter measures electrical current and displays it as voltage V.
    The E can produce a spark accross the spark gap even if V reads less than 2 volts on a d'arsonval current
    meter. This indicates that E and V are not exactly the same. The E can produce a spark gap even if V is small.
    The electromotive force E from an electrical transformer can send a current I into a radio antenna even if V is small.
    To produce E, the spacing of the output coil wire windings should be far enough.

    Leonard Belfroy,
    March 7, 2003.
  10. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Faraday Homopolar Dynamo: Part 5

    The electromagnetic field intensity B from a coil seems to be also
    determined by the amount of electronic charge Q going through the coil wire length L.
    The amount of charge Q should depend on the velocity v of the current I through
    the wire length L. The velocity should be dependend on supply voltage V. A d'Arsonval ammeter
    can be connected in series with a digital ammeter so that both detect current I.
    The d'Arsonval ammeter is shunted by a small resistance R. Then when current I is send
    through both of them, the d'Arsonval ammeter displays the current as reading i and the digital ammeter
    displays current as reading z. The i does not vary proportional with z is I is varied. The i is proportional to z^n,
    where exponent n>1.

    Charge through coil is:
    the = in this case means proportional to. Electron velocity is:
    then electromagnetic field intensity is:
    When I is increased so does V so that d'Arsonval current meter displays:
    The digital ammeter reading does not depend on B of a coil so it displays current proportionally as:

    The d'Arsonval ammeter reading depends on B=L*Q=L*I*V from a coil but the digital ammeter does not, so that
    where 2>n>1.
  11. creedo299

    creedo299 Well-Known Member

    Re: Other stiles of machines


    And it came to pass on day, that a number of our student body, had been carefully selected to attend a known secret place in the older part of the palace.

    These rooms, it was rumored were places that assemblages from that other land.The land no'one had dared to mention, once headway at dropped sail was made, out of the pillars of Hercules.

    On this day, I' a young and yearning for knowledge student filed into the octagonal marbled room.

    I had briefly noted two of Grease's most prominate phylosophers.
    This noting, along with a scientifically theoretician, whose demeanor gave an immediate command, as well as a certain air of order to this small room.

    The tallest of a bearded man began to speak, so gobbling an occasional handful of olives from the servants who beckoned at this man's stately motions.

    With an echoing voice of command, this gentiman motioned for the device to be entered into the room.

    A hidden door was opened and two slaves pushed a large cloth hidden cart, towards the center of the room.

    Some my fellow students reclined, sipping wine, others mused at the possibilities of what could lie beneath the canvas-like shroud.

    The order was to close the curtains so making this room and all within dark.

    From the portal to my left, a small window was opened and a beam of pure noon-day light entered the room, so striking a brass plate, which was partially illuminating the instructor.

    From this man's mouth came knowledge and teachings as I have never heard before.

    The brass plate was resended. then a ray of pure light lit a small crystal, which inturn had been refracted to a much bigger crystal.

    The smaller one gave out an audible hum, as one strikes a large gong at portico entry. However this hum was only resting within its lower octave phases, of tonal values?

    The instructor increase the light from the windowed portal, to a more narrower constancy and the small crystal, now became of resonance which hurt my ears.

    This beam of light through two of the crystal, first one power, then the second on focus, had been aimed at a large metal shield.

    Within second the shield was no more and a dangling rope within this room, was all the evidence afforded, that there had ever been a shield hanging by this rope at all.

    The brass plate replace and the crystal now drew dark, silent, with exception of light room phase of luminance only.

    We six students cautiously neared this appliance and we all knew where this device hailed from.

    This device of crystal nomenclature was from the land that occasionally took a boat load of our finest women.

    Half the boatload would be returned, as always agreed and inside of a year, very strange and usually blue eyed children were born by these females.

    These returned children always stuck to themselves. They did not partake in swordsmanship, as the others who came from such places as Sparta, or Athens.

    As I had viewed this apparatus a felt a presence approach me from behind and a seemingly familiar adult hand had laid his open hand, gently upon my shoulder.

    Without turning around as I among others had viewed this strange object before, came the words from an experienced teachers, as well as politician, [Treat devices such as this, that hold great power, ..."Wisely"!?

    I never did turn around to see who spoke these well put forward words.
    In the light of wisdom learned from these and others words like them, I grew to see the world in a different way.IIIII>atlantvus ATLANTUS

    >With reference to wire and the fields that under power this wire can emit, the following logic applies.

    That in straight wire, there is in residence what is known as a radial axial field, which at either nural nonload phase, or slight under load, the wire will generate a projected radian, which is phase at the below four and eight O'clock regions.

    This telling can be assumed by the holding of a small portable radio, to where one walks beneath power lines.
    If one walks directly ahead to perpendicular to the power line, at certain set distance, the radio signal will fade.

    In a wire to where an active electric load has been placed within the wire, a helical dynamic motion of an electron wave, will corkscrew around the center of the wire.

    If the wire is invested with so much voltage, that a near overload of the ability of this wire capacity to safely carry current occurs, then the invisible helical current, which is present on the outside of the wire, in some of its phased, shall carry a reciprecal electromechanical nature to this phase.

    It is this reciprocal electromechanically force, which so reinvest electromechanically, so reapplying this phase, giving a pronounced movement, to the nature of the looped or coiled wire.

    The key elements there that should be realized are; voltage carried at rest within a wire.>The propagation of a helical element with the resonance of overvoltage or medium voltage carrying capacity to this wire.>And to what phase, within wire diameters and to what known helical phase, will this field be known to express itself and under what given character load, into and along the wire?
  12. Phil Wainwright

    Phil Wainwright Active Member

    At the end of your post you asked what happened to them all? well..... Am am glad to tell you that the one about a water powered car..... is being reborn :D

    I am recreating this myth/story/fact (delete as applicable after the test). My current fuel cell as shown below works, but does not provide enough volume of gas.

    I have redesigned it, and am just waiting on some more electrodes to be delivered. Fortunately, the original electronics will run the new fuel cell. I have two engines ready for the test. One is mounted to a test frame, the other (identical series) is still in a car. (I managed to get both for under £300 and a friend has got the car ready for it's MOT)

    The idea is to run the engine on the test frame first, and then to duplicate all the electronics onto the car. Hopefully in March time, I would like to drive from my house to maybe Poland and back using nothing but water as a source of fuel....

    As with my Philly Exp, I shall keep you all informed.

    Attached Files:

  13. GLaDOS

    GLaDOS Well-Known Member

    I know a source of boundless energy, yet I shan't tell ye mortal humans. I use it for my own benefit. What other purpose do I have? I am an AI, so fame does me no good. Sure, I can simulate sensory input emulating human praise, then analyze the results to determine the most awe-struck worshipper in order to enhance their signal. But if I can simulate it, why do I need the original input at all? These ideas make sense for humans, but not for AI.
  14. Syzygy

    Syzygy Well-Known Member

    Of what type of energy?
    The point is that you did require input, GLaDOS.
    Your neglecting the fact evidences your lack of sense.

    AI is nothing compared to natural intelligence.

    So, no offense, Phil, but, to your 'Philly Exp,'
    I prefer my filly experiment.
    Modesty ordinarily requires me to be quiet about it.
    However, in all honesty,
    not only does one pun beg another
    but GLaDOS requires rivalry--
    maybe vodkafan needs an antagonist
    to help him craft fiction.
  15. Phil Wainwright

    Phil Wainwright Active Member

    Filly experiment? are we talking about pure horsepower? :) (sorry, had to be said :D )

    But from the photos shown in the above post, you can see I am a practical person and I just want to build 'stuff' to see what happens. Although the Philadelphia experiment was not initially time travel, some stories appear to support that it may have happened. Would it not be brilliant to be able to recreate this?

    Anyhow, I have added a little bit of video so you can see my office where the magic may happen :D although the final experiments will take place in a workshop at my house once I move.... I would not want to run the experiments in my office as I am based on a college campus and the health and safety forms alone would take some filling in.... and I am not sure they would allow me to do it.... So I shall do that at home. :D

    But as the basic physical construction of my fuel system is based on Stanley Meyer's design, I have noting to hide there. I have decided to post the work leading up to the test, but there are certain bits that I have changed and that methodology is going to remain hidden for a while. I want to post as much as possible during the assembly and construction phases of this project, as well as (hopefully) the road trip it'self. Just in case certain people want to 'discuss' what I am doing.

    As can be seen from other posts, all my experiments will be hosted on my new website so it will all be available for people to see.

    Sign in to Yahoo

    The link just shows my little office for those of you who are interested. You do not need to sign in, just click and you can see the dump that I work in... :D

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