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Im Am from the year 2100.

Discussion in 'Time Travel Claims' started by RDB14329, May 7, 2006.

  1. RDB14329

    RDB14329 Member

    Hello. You may think this is a fraud but this is all fact.I will start at the day i came back to the past, 94 years to study the mistakes that we have made. So far,however i have been here only 2 days and today i found this particular site so there.If you have any questions on the future you may ask me.I have 1 more thing to say.How did i get to a computer? Well i brought this 100 gb laptop with me other than that the information is classified. I may not tell you the technology we may have aquired.But i may tell you about future wars,deaths,and other things that happened from 2010 to 2100.I was born in 2071, June 2nd 2:34 AM at Mukwanago Hospital.If i may change the subject,I got here at May 4th 3:58 Pm. Good Bye For now

    John Voil
  2. Darby

    Darby Well-Known Member

    Boring. Pass on Q&A.
  3. EricCarr

    EricCarr New Member

    Is it just me or none of the computers in the future have a spell check or grammar check?
  4. John_Titer

    John_Titer New Member

    And I am "Bond"

    "James Bond."
  5. Warrior381

    Warrior381 New Member

    so tell me what does this future hold?? what will Civil War in American begin?? also what kind of time travel machine do you have and do you have a picture of it?? write back.
  6. RDB14329

    RDB14329 Member

    In 2100, The Future holds better Technology and 1 War.It was Called the Immigration War. Must must go now. A time machine you ask? well, when the time traveler took me to this time i lost the machine.I then must build a new one.With enough of this technology,I could put myself ahead about 35 years which then they would have more better technology that could use and i would keep doing this untill im back in my time.
  7. norn_iron

    norn_iron Well-Known Member

    oh really?
    so what do you propose to make your time travel machine out of? perhaps you need some of this

    will it look anything like this when u finish?

  8. RDB14329

    RDB14329 Member

  9. norn_iron

    norn_iron Well-Known Member

    i say check out my bad boy


    not forgetting this classic of 2067

  10. RDB14329

    RDB14329 Member

    That is not real. Its only a toy, especially the last one..........
  11. RDB14329

    RDB14329 Member

  12. norn_iron

    norn_iron Well-Known Member

  13. RDB14329

    RDB14329 Member

  14. norn_iron

    norn_iron Well-Known Member

    is that 1 of the mistakes you came to learn from??
  15. RDB14329

    RDB14329 Member

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