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The Dual Language Diagnosis of John Titor

Discussion in 'Time Travel Discussion' started by Cipher, Mar 6, 2006.

  1. TTA_01 New Member

    This message goes out to Pamela M. There is no need to reply, I know you’ll read this eventually.

    Hi Pam,

    It’s been many years since we last spoke, and I just wanted to say that I am very proud of you and of Darby being character witnesses of the TTA, and of my arch nemesis JT. Your efforts have assisted in foiling this Evildoer's (Cipher) sinister plot against the TTA, of pinning the JT story on me. And for that, I am very thankful.

    It's common knowledge to many of the original posters; You know, Darby knows, and even I know, there is NO possible way I am JT, nor anyone else for that matter.

    His analysis proved nothing ultimately, a lot of smoke and mirrors, giving only false hope of a connection to a lot of the new comers to this tired old JT story.

    Further more, I’d like to apologize for the many years of name calling and ridicule I put you through. The years apart from posting have given me time to reflect on my behavior, and I am truly sorry.

    Well, keep up the great work.

    I still strongly believe you are Wonderwoman [IMG].

  2. Is that it? Wonderwoman???? thats the song only JT and Pam know, I love that song, da da da, wonderwoman!

    "and of my arch nemesis JT." Your arch nemesis, hmmmm.

    :Further more, I’d like to apologize for the many years of name calling and ridicule I put you through. The years apart from posting have given me time to reflect on my behavior, and I am truly sorry.:

    this part I find interestin', you apologizing for ridiculing and name calling, yet thats exactly what cipher is doing. Calling you a name and ridiculing you for not admitting it.

    ps:why not send pam a private message instead of posting this to the world, your intentions here seem very unclear and maybe as if you have some hidden agenda.
  3. TTA_01 New Member

    Greetings RenUnconscious, I don't believe we have been introduced.

    Obviously you know me... though I yet, know you.

    "Not admitting it" what-what?

    Maybe it's just me, but I didn't get that last message. What are you trying to say?

    Perhaps you have not been reading the postings on Sue's forum, or else you would know that they have their own thread on the very same subject being discussed here.

    So let me make my intentions clear to you, since you want to know.

    The rationale why I posted it here, instead of on there, is because I could have waited 48 hrs. to get clearance from the administrator to be allowed access to the forum. Or I could have waited 48 hrs. to find out I was denied access. The TTA does not have the best of luck on other people's forums.

    I suppose I could have logged on here and sent it through PM, which did seem like a better idea to me. But I doubt she would have logged on anytime soon to read it, since she doesn't appear to post here that frequently. So I figured, since she has no problem publicly telling the "world" that "Javier is not JT" and just posted today in response to my post to Cipher, I figured why not just post it here. More than likely my message will be read soon. Not to mention, Cipher knows that Pamela knew JT very personally, and did not like the TTA one bit. Who better to discredit Ciphers claims than her?

    Plus I wanted to commend Pam and Darby publicly for being really great people in all of this that’s transpired. They have always treated the TTA with the utmost of respect; regardless of the countless times I have ridiculed them over the years for their continued involvement with the JT story. I especially wanted to apologize to Pamela for hurting her feelings, it was not fair nor right for me to do that. You’re a fine young lady Pam, and I hope you find your truth someday.

  4. nitescott Member

    Just a quick question.
    Why do you refer to yourself as "the TTA", like the third person?
  5. TTA_01 New Member

    Hello again nitescott,

    Bytheway, your troll is hilarious and scary at the same time /ttiforum/images/graemlins/smile.gif "How does it know?" j/k.

    Your question:
    This question has been asked of me many times before (and perhaps never answered to anyone’s satisfaction). If you do a search for "third person" you'll find some of the TTA's most heated posts, with others stating their annoyance with the "third person" approach.

    I'll attempt to paint a picture of why the TTA speaks the way he does; and hopefully it will help answer your question; or perhaps leave you with many more.

    Very briefly: The TTA is a man of deep spiritual receptivity. My many years of rigorous training in the Martial Arts as a young man, the hours I would spend in deep meditation, I believe it's helped hone my ability to conquer this corporeal shell, and advance to a higher plane of existence. The visions, the dreams and the manifestations, have in someway allowed my already innate psychic abilities to tap into a grander scheme of reality. This drive alone to something else, something bigger, is countered by an internal force that will not let go; a compassion for humanity known as the Time Travel Activist. The TTA was born out of the dread of the lies and deceit, that Time Travel, Aliens and New Agers could potentially employ to humanity. The ends to this, their end results, do not justify the means.

    "There has got to be a better way, an ethical way!" the TTA said.

    As the TTI's (possibly the world's) first ever TTA, I made it my mission to propose ethics in Time Travel, and it’s ramifications on the human soul. I discussed New Age aspects to this as well, how it's principles of advancement and pursuits of awareness would ignore the dangers to Time Travel, and ultimately leave many open to accept it as a viable shortcut to this state of being. I further discussed Alien’s and their involvement to manipulate and exploit humanity, genetically & spiritually. Somehow, selling out humanity, simply to produce a more vibrant spiritual crop seemed wrong to me. Especially by means of Time Travel.

    My own temporal experiences along with the manifestations of numerical synchronicity and auditory manifestations, and phasing, would be the driving force behind the TTA for the next 3 yrs.

    Though young and strong willed, I did the best I could to get the message across. And regardless to this, I went as far as I could. I don't anticipate I will be posting for very long after I cut the loose ends in this thread of deceit. Perhaps someday, another TTA will emerge and continue the fight I started.

    Only time will tell what we do today, makes any difference tomorrow and ultimately to the future affairs we will someday vote for in our old age. (IMO)

  6. Scannell New Member

    Case solved, this settles it for me!!

    Dots, dots and more dots!! There are just to many dots for the liking!!

    I have seen Javier's posts and I really think he is totally transparent now. He's not fooling anyone anymore. Rainmantime has done an admirable job with him and, I think, totally exposed his madness.

    Javier must be in a total tizzy!! He has closed his website and Pam has deleted her posts. AFAIC he can continue to keep gulling us saying that he is not Titor all he wants, but his words resemble the wings of an ostrich.

    It's pretty obvious that Javier has several usernames and is not subjected to the same rules that the rest of us are. He tells us that he was TimeTravelActivist (TTA 3rd person) and Enforcer of Time. LOL if there is no stopping him at two usernames, what has stopped him at the others Cipher has included. At this point its plain to see that he weaves such a web of deception and lies. AFAIC what Cipher said in his first post still makes logical sense after how Javier just exsplained his motive for creating the TTA
    IMHO, Cipher had a better handle on who Javier was and it wouldnt surprise me that he has more information than he openly shared.

    I, for one, want to throw up at Javiers "feigned concern" about the state of the world and can not stand even reading his stupid material anymore. His story has the desperate jauntiness of an orchestra fiddling away for dear life on a sinking ship. He has become like a prostitute, but now it's gotten ridiculous, to the point where he will do anything humanly possible to make money.

    Darby has made a strange change. Maybe his website needs some beefing up. I usually respected what he had to say though we never really had any dialogue. It seems like he has fallen into this rut with the whole Titor thing and has become somewhat of a spokesperson about it. He is another one that tries to assert his authority. IMO he isn’t fit for dog patrole!!

    I believe that devious things are happening in the background here at TTI, probably for the obvious reasons, greed, ego, and just plain evil thinking.

    Cipher is determined and pretty thorough. He certainly raised the hackles of Darby, and Darby did not handle himself very well. He went down a couple of notches in my estimation. Truth does that to people. Cipher may not be totally correct and may be stretching it in a couple of spots, but the material is well put together. The pit has been stirred. I can just picture Javier pacing back and forth and trying to figure out a way to get back into legend status (as if he ever was!!). Imagine him saying that he was already a legend as the TTA and didn't need to be a legend as John Titor. What an over inflated ego!!

    Yep sayonara bubs and better luck next time!!
  7. TTA_01 New Member


    Very well, it is your choice to believe whichever aspect of the story you wish to believe.

    I simply thought I clear the air and tell my side as sincerely as I could.

    Cipher has no problem pinning this on me, so either I am damned if I do, and damned if I don’t -admit the truth.

    Though you take interest in the story of a hoaxer like JT, and believe blindly the biased analysis of Cipher over the clear admissions of those who knew him.

    Fine, perhaps you should write it’s book review too on Amazon when it comes out, it's obvious you've read it as well.

    It’s so nice of you to be keeping score like that Scannell. However, perhaps it was not such a good idea to come out with blazing gun’s and saddles, lashing out at Darby on this your first post here. Impetuous young lad, you have much to learn.

    I find this very humorous Scannell. Why would I care whether I am a legend or not? It makes no difference to the TTA. There is a big difference in that I did not self appoint my self that title, vs. one attempting to obtain it. I could care less!

    But you hang around here for awhile though, this is your first post, but once you start racking them up, you’ll also get a nice little title like the TTA’s flashy new one "Newbie."

    Wear it with pride, at this rate it may be the only title you hope to get.

  8. RainmanTime Administrator

    Proposal For A New Thread


    With regard to the following observations/opinions you shared earlier on:
    I attempted to enagage you in a debate on these thoughts; however, I agree it may not have been an effective attempt since it was co-mingled with the personality questions I was posing to you.

    If you are truly interested in an honest debate over these issues (and NOT simply another war of judging each other's personal traits or potential "issues"), then I would propose to begin another thread on The Ethics Of Time Travel. Consider it an olive branch (of sorts), even if I do not agree with the conclusions you draw with respect to these issues.

    If you agree, I would be happy to begin the thread with your thoughts above, and some counter-points that I would make to them.

  9. TTA_01 New Member

    Re: Proposal For A New Thread

    I appreciate this kind gesture Ray, and I accept your offer. Though it has been many years since my temporal gears have turned, perhaps I have it in me for one more thread on this topic.

    However, I am hesitant to begin the debate on the ethics of Time Travel as the post above as my only premise (since I posted it in a hurry). So rather then end up forfeiting and handing you the debate on that alone, allow me to give it some thought, and lay it out so we can have a proper comprehensive debate. I will let you know through PM soon.

    kind regards,
  10. RainmanTime Administrator

    Re: Proposal For A New Thread

    Fine by me. Just go ahead and begin the thread whenever you are ready.

    I guess I could point out (and perhaps even give you a "leg up") that I see as a major theme of this debate as being choices about how one uses technology (i.e. any technology can certainly be used for "good" as well as "evil"). At least this is one area where I will focus my discussion, but I will certainly look forward to your extensions and clarifications in your formal thread.

  11. creedo299 New Member

    Re: Proposal For A New Thread

  12. Darby Well-Known Member

    Keep in mind - it says "building" not "buildings".

    After all of these six years since Titor/TTO started posting and all of the posts stating that he got a "hit" on this one - no one that I can recall - has made the connection based on the date of the fax.

    The fax was originally sent to Art Bell on 12-OCT-1998... 5 years after the first attack on the WTC. No one has ever said, hey, he was saying that on the other "world" they succeeded in destroying the building.

    This was probably not a prediction about the future (September 2001). It was more likely a statement about the past (October 1998).
  13. Darby Well-Known Member


    That statement is both technically and factually incorrect on two counts that don't involve Javier in any way.

    You haven't done your homework on this one.
  14. Darby Well-Known Member


    There's a bit of history concerning this board that you might not be aware of - so to help clear up some of your questions about multiple personallities I'll re-tell the history:

    In 2000, when TimeTravel_0 started posting the forum was a free-for-all. Anyone could log on anonymously and create a UserID on the spot without registering. Members could also register multiple accounts because no one was actively policing such activity. Dimenzionz was the moderator but he was rarely around after Raul moved the forum from the old host in 1999. And at that time the user IP was not visible.

    Many regular members, including Javier and Dan (Creedo) were using multiple UserID's. They made no attempt to disguise who they were. We knew who they were. You'll notice that I have only 622 posts logged. That's because I was logging on anonymously as "Darby" in 2000 and early 2001.

    We also had several trolls who were using not only multiple ID's but they were also using regular member's ID's.

    In 2001 Raul changed the TOS agreement to the extent that only one ID was allowed, anonymous login was discontinued and IP's were publicly displayed.

    This closed several loopholes in the system.
  15. Darby Well-Known Member

    Re: Proposal For A New Thread


    Dan, my friend, this is a subject that you probably don't want to harp on too much. As we both know, there was at least one person that you didn't name in this post who once upon a time erased and/or altered (into nonsense statements) over 225 posts in a single night. Those edits were made days to months after the posts were originally put up and after they had been responded to at length. It pretty much made a mess of the forum, didn't it? And the topic of those posts was "John Titor".

    Because of that incident the forum Admins locked out all poster editing privileges for two years. Only Mods and Admins were allowed to edit a post once it was submitted.

    Don't get me wrong re. Pamela, BTW. She knows better and she absolutely should not have deleted the posts. She deleted the first post in the thread that she started weeks after it was made - and after many pages of debate. She did that once before...deleted the first post on a thread...and we lost the entire thread. It disappeared because it no longer had a start point.
  16. Darby Well-Known Member

    Re: Proposal For A New Thread


    Just a bit more history, this time regarding TTA vs. TTO.

    Titor/TimeTravel_0 never refered to himself as "TTO" nor did Javier coin the acronym. The acronym made its first appearance in Pamela's post of 10-DEC-2000

    Thereafter Pamela refered to him several times as TTO. Draco2 (Draco the Druid) refered to him as TTO three times, DaViper once, DethWind once and Dave Trott (TROTT) refered to him as "Mr. TT_O" once.

    Javier never once refered to TimeTravel_0 as "TTO" nor did anyone else.
  17. TTA_01 New Member

    Re: Proposal For A New Thread

    Since we are showing the cards each of us will be playing with, I concur. The good and bad of the technology will be the main focus for this debate. However, my angle will not so much be on the “doom & gloom” of the future that you may be accustomed to debating & debunking with others. But more on a system of unity, and justifications for spiritual salvation, and it's ramifications on the soul by use of this technology.

    This area, I am certain you know quite well... and it will be interesting to see how our own spiritual perspectives meld and differ in this discussion of Ethics in Time Travel.

    Though keep in mind, the TTA will not cite any books to debate you, though you can if you wish.

    This debate may be my last before I leave the TTI forum (pending the conclusion of this thread), and finally retire. This debate may also test the limits of the TTA’s empathic & instinctive proficiency Vs. your highly scientific and knowledgeable form of deduction.

    Best of luck to you Ray!


    P.S. Hopefully we can keep it clean and civil [IMG].
  18. Scannell New Member

    Re: Proposal For A New Thread


    LOL, still gulling I see!! You have devoted the best years of your life to preparing for these impromptu speeches.

    Wow look what I found. Something you posted from the other thread. A great zircon in the diadem of American literature, NOT!!


    Than you have the audacity to post this in your response to me.

    You ask the question why would you care whether your a legend or not? LOL, you just previously said it before pal!! (highlighted above in bold). Really though, can you show me where you were named a legend other than in your own mind? And please show me where you are experienced in proper inter-human conduct, because I'm just not detecting it.

    Keep um coming slinger with more crapulous lout, I hate to say it, but you’re sitting in a sewer and adding to it.

    This guy Ciphers got some good stuff on you. I don’t think that you can dodge the EXACT dual word usages used in many of your posts that match Titors and Buzzmakers, such as the words ACTIONS AND DECISIONS, TICKED OFF, PISSED OFF, BRING IT ON BROTHER!, FREAKED PEOPLE OUT, WHAT EVER THE HELL and many more.

    All the coincidental dates such as the 22nd, as it applies to both you and Zeshua, and Holy moly (how did Cipher ever make this connection) your Birth date of April 7th that corresponds perfectly to Chronohistorians posting dates and his sig. Including Nitescotts confirmation connection of yours and Zeshuas emails that both contain the word "Alpha" in the address. What are the chances of that?

    Cipher says your IP address has you living in "Orange" county CA. LOL, I wonder if you have a special license plate on your car that has something to do with relating to Titor or Time Travel?

    And how about your (Time Travel, or No Time Travel? club) that stood as an anagram for TiTor. LOL your old friend Darby gave us an informationlicious freebee probably not realizing that you were careless in posting it. http://www.timetravelinstitute.com/ttiforum/showflat.php?Cat=&Board=time_travel&Number=38970&Forum=time_travel&Words=with%20a%20twist%20on%20his%20original%20user%20name%20&Match=Entire%20Phrase&Searchpage=0&Limit=25&Old=allposts&Main=38696&Search=true#Post38970

    Not to mention you closed your website and Pam deleted her posts. LOL, its all imaginary!!

    Cut the sincerity crap!! At this stage, there is no way you could even lie your way out of a paper bag!! So come on man make my day and just admit it!! Get this thing off your chest already and come clean.

    You'll be respected more for that than posing as all these imposters.
  19. Scannell New Member

    Re: Proposal For A New Thread

    Darby LOL, I find it strange that you know so much about the forum rules and dates almost as if you were Moderator himself, including the exact amount of posts that Dan (Creedo) posted in a single day and the dates in which rules took affect, and you came up with this information in less than several hours after my posts. Dang thats astonishing!!

    It dont matter dude because TTO, TTA and Enforcer of Time still continued to post using those usernames even after the rules were put into affect including Creedo to this very day.

    Its my estimation, as a last resort your trying to salvage what’s left of the Titor story and estimating any attempts of it progressing. Youre hoping this will all blow over soon and Ciphers thread will dwindle down out of sight and you can resort back to spreading bogus rumors of Titor trying to gain popularity again. All the old timers will be gone and some new gullible stupid ones will appear on the scene. LOL, what a life of spamming!! You think the readers cant see through this political agenda? If you think they cant than, why, you don't know any more about politics than a pig knows about Sunday.

    I emailed Cipher, and the dude is gone!! He left me a message though that read that he’s turned this case over to the FBI!! Yikes man that’s scary!! I don’t know Javier, but if I were you, I’d be shitting in my pants right about now!! I’ve heard some insane FBI stories and they don’t play around. One minute your home and the next minute your gone sitting in some anonymous jail that nobody can find you in. Happened to a neighbor of mine, and we didn’t see him for a whole year. I don’t know the whole story but from what I understood, he claimed to be INNOCENT too!! I’d be paranoid, they could have the tabs on you and be watching everything that transpires on your computer and everywhere you go almost FOREVER (once you get on their list). I heard they put bugs on your car and hone in on you from anywhere. These could be some serious allegation (applied to terrorism) that Cipher has on you. Even just talking about terrorism these days, (as Chronohistorian) you can become a suspect. If you really are Titor and Chronohistorian (which I do believe you are) and Cipher has made that obvious connection, than those faxes from Titor (you) from any date (even after or before the faxes) still could imply a terrorist threat. With the state of affairs these days and terrorist threats (in any form) after September 11th, this country has learned never to overlook a threat.

    Heck I'd be running to the hills right about now!!
  20. iridium New Member

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