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The Dual Language Diagnosis of John Titor

Discussion in 'Time Travel Discussion' started by Cipher, Mar 6, 2006.

  1. nitescott

    nitescott Well-Known Member

    Calm down mate!
    It is just a java script and only you see the IP address it displays when you are on.

    It's not like anyone else can see your IP address on every bloody post that you make anyway. ;)

    Geez it's only a bit of fun in my signature.

    Do you want one too?

    Go to Dana Soft to get one.

    Have a drink and calm down dude!

    It is harmless!

    Thanks Creedo!
  2. RainmanTime

    RainmanTime Well-Known Member


    Clearly you are upset about something, perhaps many things. But I cannot follow your main points in this post. I have done nothing to harm you, nor would I ever. However, if you are accusing me of somehow doing something to harm you, I would like you to spell it out clearly. And you often ask questions such as:
    I don't understand this question, nor its intent. I may be eccentric at times, but no, I do not think I am nuts. But that depends on what standard you define as "sane". :)

    I'd like to respectfully ask that you take a deep breath, and see if you can tell us specifically what you are upset about. Because right now I do not understand. Thanks,
  3. Cipher

    Cipher New Member

    The evidence is building nicely Darby. Thanks for that little threat! I'll add it to the others. :D
  4. TimeNot_0

    TimeNot_0 New Member

    Naw, rainman time, I think what they both are doing is sort of childish and stupid. Of course they will not agree, so that is all I am going to say.

    Until they explain what they are doing, and why, I think that a forum is for real discussion, and not for some people to appear to be anti-social with their type of assessments. That is all, and I do have other things to do right now, that are more important. These type of people to me always feel offended, and to me offer no conversation except their one-way street. An entire company went out the door, and that is experience. If this world is this way, and people can not change, then it is clear that the entire world can go out the door. There is no money in this type of behavior and I know kids in the neigborhood who do act better, but seem to refer back to this type of anti-social behavior learning all that kid's learn. Kids need guidance, not more anti-socialness in the world. That is where one joins the Army, Air Force, Marines, or Navy, and learns to take Orders from someone who is higher in rank. I do not place myself with a rank, nor do I give orders, but kids need guidance, and not this type of continued fascination with tricks in the World.

    I won't be viewing this thread anymore, and thus I have reasons why since I am busy, and also since I think picking on Javier as playing the part of the TTA has Javier not even looking anymore. At least some people reading the thread thought he put a little life into the thread, and questioned why anyone would post such stuff anyway as Titor did. So next step I guess is that I have work to do, and do not have to read such information anyway. But it is public, and that renders that there at least to me ought to be some sensibilities to anything anyone posts. Demanding that some people are always correct does not lend itsself to discussion.

    It is not a vote either, the polls is where people vote, and carrying it on in real life --- may be something that further adds to this world going down to a bigger war then up to a smaller war.

    However, it is estimated, I do not have the time for political discussions anymore.
  5. RainmanTime

    RainmanTime Well-Known Member

    Who are "they", and does anyone else understand what TimeNot_0 is going on about? :confused: :confused: :confused:

  6. roorichard

    roorichard Well-Known Member

    This thread is becoming weirder and weirder by the day....and very hostile
  7. creedo299

    creedo299 Well-Known Member

    Creedo sends a private mail, to RMT, splainin the situation.
  8. creedo299

    creedo299 Well-Known Member

    We are formally asking for a show of credentials, at this point in time?
  9. Darby

    Darby Well-Known Member


    Ok - its general huff and puff for me. Satisfied with the answer? :)
  10. creedo299

    creedo299 Well-Known Member

    Yes Darby.
  11. Darby

    Darby Well-Known Member

    Thank you, Dan. :)
  12. wildcard600

    wildcard600 Member

    i hate to bring old posts back from the dead but i've been out for a few weeks. I've been lurking on this board for sometime and have been kinda following the titor story since 2003 when i first stumbled upon it by accident.

    First off in response to all this hoopla about working for the government as such and such, gimme a break. No one believes this crap. I was in the air force and did tactical radio operations for the 75th Army Rangers. . Can i prove this ? no. but i did. Moral of the story ? Stop trying to sound like some badass government whatever, no one cares/or believes you. No one works for no damn goverment agency.

    Your all a bunch of 35 year olds living in your moms basement with to much time on your hands.

    JT may or may not be real. Guess what ? Get over it. If what he says comes true then i guess we will know if he was kosher. If not, then maybe he was Javier or TTA or Buzzsaw or Time Cop or Donnie Darko or that dude Bruce Willis played in "12 Monkeys". What does it really matter ? Just get on with your pathetic lives and stop giving JT the satisfaction that the crap he spewed out of his meathole consumed 6 years of your lives.

    If theres one thing i learned in the air force it was to "worry about the here and now, not the here and after."
  13. Darby

    Darby Well-Known Member


    Ok - Wildcard has said it all. It came directly from the 75th Infantry Regiment (Ranger). Now are you satisfied?

    BTW: Apparently his life is about as pathetic as ours. The only difference is that he's only been "consumed" by the JT story for 3 years instead of 6 and he hasn't has the self confidence to post until this week. He's just been a closet geek all that time; lurking instead of contributing.

    Kinda like pissing in his wetsuit...it felt good but he didn't dare tell anyone about it. ;)
  14. wildcard600

    wildcard600 Member

    thank you for illustratiing my point there darby. No one believes anything you saw over the internet even if its true so just stop even bothering to try and fool anyone.

    I gotta tell you though, these last three years have all been wasted since i figured out that i didn't give a **** whether or not JT was real or not. :roll:
  15. OllyB

    OllyB Well-Known Member

    I don't know if that was sarcastic or not, but thats potentially the most productive statement i have read, regarding Titor.

    What positive lesson is there to be learnt from Titors story, real or not? I struggle with that one. His Civil War information is unhelpful at best. And his own personal philosophies on certain subject matters - are just and only that.

    However, because he can grammatically string his thoughts together into written form relatively well, throws in some science and claims to be a time traveler, He becomes jesus! After which his spoon becomes big enough to feed everyone blind enough to be fed from it.

    He offers nothing of significance, technically or socially. So why is he still taking up most of the forum's time?

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