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UFO's are actually "human" time travelers from our future...

Discussion in 'Time Travel Discussion' started by Ken, Jul 26, 2012.

  1. Ken New Member

    I have often wondered if the UFO's we often see today are in reality HUMAN BEINGS from our FUTURE who have mastered "time travel"...and are "re-visiting" us here in this time period. If you think about it a bit, it would be very logical and would also square with Biblical teachings for those of us who are Christians. Whose to say that if "we" here in 2012 are discussing Time Travel that one day it WILL be discovered. When that day comes then Time Travel would be almost "normal."

    It would also explain why these crafts never seem to stop and initiate "contact" or interact with anyone here. They simply appear...seem to move about where they are seen by "thousands"...and then disappear again. To me, it would make PERFECT sense to believe that these "beings" are in actuality HUMAN BEINGS from OUR future who have developed time travel and who are now returning to visit this time period. It would also explain why they would be forbidden to intiate contact with anyone in this time period.

    Don't you find it "interesting" too that anytime someone describes having seen an "alien" or extraterrestrial...it is always described as being "human like" with certain differences in the eyes, ears, and other areas. These differences "could" be explained by the evolution of human beings.

    Just some thoughts.....
  2. Blair Member

    I think time travel should be used for space travel and not so wasted on time manipulative of past people lives in time.
  3. John Thomas Active Member

    Well. You're mostly right. People from our future have met with people who's ancestry is not of Earth.
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  4. servantx Active Member

    Hi John,

    Do you have any evidence to support your conclusion?

    I am agreeing with Ken's point of view.
  5. Skarpz Member

    There is no real evidence when your home planet is gone and all you have are ships in space but even that is not evidence. You can only get into theory because today's science does not cover such "real evidence" Even iof evidence were to be shown there would still be those that do not believe and debunk it.
  6. Ken New Member

    Regarding the question of "evidence"...of course I have none, it is simply my personal belief. To me, it would just make sense that these UFO's are actually "human beings" from the future who have mastered the science of Time Travel...and are now returning to this time period simply to "visit." It would also make sense of why the alien beings are always described as appearing "human like." I am a Christian, I believe in the Bible and this theory would also support what the Bible says about human life.
  7. Skarpz Member

    I believe in the Bible too but that story has ended and a new one is beginning.
  8. Ken New Member

    I don't know how you can "believe" in the Bible and yet claim that story is "ending" and a new one beginning?? No offense but God's Word is for all time...it hasn't changed...it will never change. Again, I mean no disrespect and you are certainly entitled to your beliefs...but to say that God's Word is "ending"...well, I just can't buy that.
  9. John Thomas Active Member

    Ken, would you like to know about the future of Christianity in North America?
  10. Ken New Member

    Yes John... "please" clue me in. Apparently you know something the rest of us don't. Please, tell me about the future of Christianity for North America.
  11. timetraveler2063 New Member

    No. They are mostly flown by fallen Angles. You call them Aliens. They can be used for many thing.
  12. Ken New Member

    That is facinating..."fallen angels." I would love to learn more about this.

    May I ask:
    1.) Is this just your "opinion"...or do you know this to be 100% true?
    2.) If true...how could you PROVE this to me? Where can I learn about this?

    I KNOW it isn't in the Bible,...I "do" know of passgaes such as Job Chapter 41 which some people "attempt" to say this is talking about dinosours. However again, how could you prove that?

    I am facinated with these "fallen angels." Please enlighten me!!
  13. John Thomas Active Member

    Ken. I was told to look at the fonts you're typing in. Interesting. Do you want to let the class in on something?

    Apollonius of Tyana
    The Flavian Dynasty
  14. John Thomas Active Member

    Ken. You look familiar to me. Have we met?
  15. servantx Active Member

    Kingdoms come, kingdoms fall, but the Word of God lasts forever.

    Philosophers in this world cannot resurrect and give eternal life.

    In Him we trust.
  16. Ken New Member

    The fonts I am typing?...Wow! Now I am totally confused. What in the world does that have to do with our discussion? TimeTraveler made the statement that UFO's are flown by fallen angels...and I was just trying to get him (or her) to expand on that point. But "fonts??" Also no I don't believe we have met.
  17. servantx Active Member

    Ken, how did you post in different font? Did you use BBCode manually or is it default in Arial font when you type it?
  18. John Thomas Active Member

    Yeah Ken. You're typing in Lucida but it isn't a choice of fonts on the website.

    You could have done something like this but I'm not sure if the forum would accept it.

    font-family : 'Harakiri' ;
    src : url('Harakiri.ttf') format('truetype') ;
  19. Darby Well-Known Member

    It's Arial, not Lucinda
    <span style="font-family: 'arial'">
  20. Skarpz Member

    A new Genesis is my belief, but you don't have to believe.

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