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Where is Mad Man (Michael) Markham?

Discussion in 'Time Travel Claims' started by Packerbacker, Jul 27, 2006.

  1. Packerbacker

    Packerbacker New Member

    George Noory did an interview with a young man--Michael Markham--who wound a 3-4 KV secondary and connected it to a jacob's ladder high voltage discharge apparatus of the kind you see in Frankenstein movies. The discharge starts at the bottom of what looks like a pair of rabbit ears and works its way to the top as the air above the discharge becomes ionized.

    In order to get the discharge started (the terminals were a little to far apart), Markham used a laser he had salvaged from a CD player. What he produced (he said) was a barely visible, but very odd spherical effect. In playing around with it, he chucked a small screw at it and the screw disappeared (he said). He concluded that he had invented a time machine! Rather than spending a lot of time experimenting with something he already had, like all those boring scientists, Mad Man decided to build a super version with enough power to send himself somewhere in time.To do this ( and here is where he earned his moniker 'Mad Man')he and several pals stole a transformer from the local power company, and while they were at it they thought they would fill up the back of the pickup with transformers (which were just lying around not being used). Mad man had to run his own line from the powerlines to run the transformer which was set up in the enclosed porch of his house. Somehow (?) the police got wind of this, and showed up before Mad Man could electrocute himself.

    But somehow I get the feeling that maybe Mad Man did create an unusual effect. First of all, although there may have been no visible discharge there might have been some electrical flow between terminals. Secondly, I have the suspicion that the little laser was oriented at right angles to the discharge. So one might have two intersecting electromagnetic flows. Maybe the effect was phase-shifting. Wasn't the 'Philadelphia Experiment' supposedly based fluctuating magnetic fields?
  2. Packerbacker

    Packerbacker New Member


    Markham is still not to be found. :devil:
  3. recall15

    recall15 Well-Known Member

    Michal Marcum

    Quoted from Youtube...

    The following is an excerpt from the actual Art Bell broadcast:

    According to Markham, he became so obssessed with this idea that he had created a time machine, that he decided to steal the six transformers to create giant Tesla coils. During his subsquent experiments, the massive amount of energy he was tapping through the transformers caused brown outs throughout his neighborhood. It was not long before the stolen transformers were discovered, and he was arrested by the police. He was released from jail on probation shortly before appearing on Art Bell, and said that he intended to continue his experiments, albeit legally. About a year later, "Mad Man" Markham appeared on the Art Bell show for a second, longer interview, and claimed to still be experimenting with a now more sophisticated "time machine", even upping the anti to incredible proportions. Apparently the electro-magnetic "vortex" he had now generated was large enough for a man to walk through. Art Bell compared what Markham was doing to the Philadelphia Experiment, and suggested that he throw an insect or animal through the vortex to test it before walking through it himself. The interview ended with Markham claiming to be on the cusp of generating the desired amount of voltage. "Mad Man" Markham has not been heard from since.

    Now more than a decade since his last interview, just what did ever happen to "Mad Man" Markham? Did he realise the futility of his likely boondoggle, and decide to persue more productive endeavors? Did he run afoul of the law again, this time to be put away for years? Did he foolhardily attempt to actually enter the electrical field, killing or even vaporizing himself? Or did he, against all probability, actually succeed, and is now in a past or future time, or perhaps other dimension?

    "Mad Man", if you are out there, let us know.

    end quoted from:
    Link to info


    Subsequent experiments caused brownouts in the area, and eventually the police investigated, arresting Marcum for theft of the transformers.

    end quoted from:
    Link to youtube user theduderinok...

  4. dave_kinky

    dave_kinky Well-Known Member

    Re: Michal Marcum

    Last I saw of him he was strapped into the 3D Britney on the pleasure deck of the Time Ship Zodiac with a 'do not disturb' sign hanging from his 'Little Mike'. Respect.

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