Parts batch two was a success!

The front bumper turned out far better than I hoped. There's a lot of fine detail and even though we're printing at .1mm per layer, layers are always going to be visible. What you see below is with zero post-processing other than removing some supports. On the right, I've inserted the headlight parts to make sure they fit snugly. Nearly perfect.


Here's the backside of the front bumper; you can see the headlight inserts, along with some grooves to help it attach to the body of the car later. Those holes are still filled wit the print supports, and will get removed later.


The headlights can have that circular rear portion removed so LEDs can be wired up. I will probably end up doing that, but will need to reprint the headlight covers in transparent filament (so I'll need to grab some transparent red and transparent orange).


When we get to the windows, I might print them out to use as templates, and cut something properly transparent from a 2 liter soda bottle. We'll see when we get there.

Here's a shot of the overall setup. Everything is normally tucked away, but you can see what connects to what and get a glimpse of our three ton pine cabinet.


This is our dog, Astro, who looks ashamed that his daddy forgot to sweep the floor last night. He's a good boy.


In a short while, I'll start the next print and get a better stream up than last time. Now we've got HD cameras and some Art Bell episodes to listen to while you watch the beautiful hypnotic movements of the printer. I'll update this with a link when that's live, but here's what's next:


After this one, I'd like to try printing the tires in TPU (flexible rubber filament). That stuff is known to be a giant PITA to get right, but I'll share any and all disasters. Wish me luck.
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