Well, it's finally starting to look like something, and I'm McLovin' it.

The McDonald's theme isn't intentional, but it has resulted in a few more DoorDash orders than is typical. Shamrock shakes are extremely carcinogenic, but who cares. I'll drink that trash anyhow. The kids have been pleased.




The wheels and tires turned out spectacularly, and they'll look much cooler when we get some paint on it and I can stop thinking about the Hamburglar. When this baby hits 88 miles per hour, you're gonna want fries with that.






With this model, there are three variations. After I had already printed the suspension pieces, I noticed another option that allows for ACTIVE suspension, i.e. a working steering wheel and rotating tires. These suspension bits turned out a bit rough, so breaking them down further to take that approach will get me a nicer print anyhow. All of this is underneath the car where you can't see it, but I'll still know it's not perfect... And like Edgar Allen Poe, the Tell-Tale Extrusion would drive me mad.



The last pieces of this update are the underlying frame, which had to be printed in two halves. Combined, these were about 48 hours of printing almost non-stop. By the time I did these pieces, I had ordered some new PLA filament in beige... Which looks a lot nicer on the camera.





My seven year old, Edan, was determined to stay up tonight and see the end of this last print so she could lay all the parts out. It received her seal of approval, and then I paid her off with a cranberry scone.

1:8 scale is no joke, this thing will be pretty big!


From here, there are a couple more frame pieces to print, and then I'll circle back and redo the suspension pieces. Part IV will have all of those put together, and I'll try to wrangle my brother about a paint job in the meantime!


Time Cat will allow it.

Let me know what you think, and make sure you share this out... Or else you'll upset Ronald. We don't like to upset Ronald.

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