Hi everyone! It's been one of those months where everything lands at once. Lots of work on the site has been done, plenty of freelance work to continue supporting it, and all kinds of other goodies in the works. There's a LOT to show, and part of this has been a while in the making. I've been quiet for a few days (since getting the new 3D printer kit) so playing catchup with a big brain dump here.

I've had to change my approach to livestreaming this past month with the freelance work and being a dad, but those are good issues, so I can't complain. It still breaks the momentum, though. I think I'll try to pre-produce some things to put on YouTube and help populate some of the sections I discuss below, versus shorter frequent streams. I'm still planning livestreams, but perhaps those should be more extensive and more extended weekend events. More information to come on that.

New sections have been introduced in the last month to round out the approach I'm taking with TTI. Without further ado, here's what those are and what they're for:

The Handbook​

You might not know this from the past experiments I've performed on this site, but I like sorting things out. I've always enjoyed taking a tangled ball of "whatever" and applying my own brand of OCD. Something I've always wanted to create is solid jumping-off points for weird subjects—John Titor, ancient astronauts, men in black, Andrew Basaigo, Nostradamus, etc. There are plenty of sites with varying amounts of information, but many of them are written with a bias against "pseudoscience" or pander to mainstream consensus. There's very little breathing room for alternative viewpoints or evidence that doesn't fit the current dogma.


The Handbook is meant to be a collaborative effort to present a subject to someone who's never heard of it before. For the time being, the main articles are being curated by yours truly. Nevertheless, the point of the discussion thread for each entry is to share things you know or resources you've found. As time allows, I'll adapt that into the main article, and we'll build a resource that focuses on exploring the ideas rather than being told the conclusion.


There is a way to "ask a question" about an entry for those seeking information. A question creates a sub-thread that others can reply to, and answers can be upvoted.


If you'd prefer to give your two cents about the subject as a whole, each entry has a button to "write an opinion." Let us know what you think, whether the issue is bunk or activates your almonds. Entries with the most favorable opinions will rise to the top and help make TTI a place to find good info about weird things.



A Showcase entry is for things you're working on. A project, a story, artwork, an experiment, things like that. The differences between just starting a thread and creating a Showcase item are:
  • You can edit and update the main entry as often as you like
  • You can moderate comments made on your entries (soon)
  • Extra sections to organize things the way you like
  • Cover images for the listing pages
  • Every attachment you post in your discussion thread is added to a dedicated Gallery tab
  • It's a separate, special place for things you want to show off



You might think of these like blog entries without the commitment of having to "start a blog." I've seen a lot of cool personal projects in the past, so if you're working on something or have something to show off, I'd love to see it. I'll be posting some of the other projects I've had in mind soon, like Is Morey Haber Really John Titor, but also check out ClassicalFan's Alternate History series as well :)


This section is exactly what it sounds like. Links to other sites. These are sites that TTI recommends, either because of the unique content they have or the concepts they illustrate. This section is also different than Resources, which can also have external links. Where Resources link to a specific piece of information or knowledge (like an article or chat log), a Link is meant to send you in a general direction of interest (like a community or blog).


This area is still in its infancy, so things may change as content is fleshed out, but the basic concept is there.

Adjustments to The Library​

I've adjusted the Library and removed their dedicated discussion threads. I like having fiction in there, but I wouldn't say I like it overcrowding the forum categories, which I'd rather keep to on-topic discussions. Handbook entries need threads, but the Library threads will soon become too much. Existing threads with replies to those entries had their questions or reviews rolled into those question/review features in the Library and tidied things up quite a bit.

Always more...​

For the rest of the month, I'm focusing on finishing the 3D printer so we can resume the DeLorean project! Beyond that, there's quite a bit more coming. In no particular order:
  • Time Travel Institute RPG (2D, like Zelda) - Story in development, inspired by everything I love
  • Delving into creating virtual reality environments, reproduce an experience like Rendlesham Forest or others
  • Hill Valley created in Unreal Engine 5 as a means to learn the engine and 3D game dev in general
  • Time Wizard rework and donation system
  • 20 acre homestead in northeast WA
    • Liquidate 40K in Lego
    • Drill a well
    • Build a cabin
    • Build a fence
    • Set up solar and Starlink
    • Start a small cult
    • Cosmo, Certified Lightworker
  • Model rocketry
  • 3D printed drones
  • Farm automation
  • Better Campus Store
  • Titorific!
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