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July 1, 1995


Both Sides of Time (1995)

Consider shifting centuries – and making things worse, not better, on both sides of the time line. Consider being a part of two love triangles in two separate centuries. What if, no matter which way you go in time, you had to abandon someone you care about?

Meet Annie Lockwood, a 15-year-old romantic trapped in the wrong century. Annie finally finds romance when she travels back a century and lands in 1895, a time when privileged young girls wear exquisite gowns, attend sophisticated parties, and are courted by handsome gentlemen. But she is a time trespasser. Will she opt to remain in the past? Will she be permitted to do so?

Both Sides of Time by Caroline B. Cooney

A great book for those with a heart for romance and a longing for the past. The characters will surprise you and make you think twice about human nature; you might even find pity for those you hate and unexpected sympathy.

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