In this sequel to The Plot to Save Socrates and Unburning Alexandria, Sierra and Max arrive in 2062 and find the world has somewhat changed. Joe Biden was President from 2009-2017, and train travel is much more prominent. Was this due to the scrolls that she rescued from the Library of Alexandria?

Heron’s Chronica, which describes how to building a time travel device and was one of the texts Sierra saved from burning, has not yet been published. Sierra soon realizes that Heron is doing everything in his destructive power to prevent that from happening. Her attempt to safeguard the Chronica, which she left in William Henry Appleton’s keeping, takes her to the end of the 1890s. There she interacts with John Jacob Astor IV, Nikola Tesla, Thomas Edison, J. P. Morgan, film pioneers William Dickson and Edwin Porter, and other denizens of The Gilded Age.

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