Drums of Autumn

The fourth volume in the Outlander novel series. centered on time-traveling 20th century doctor Claire Randall and her 18th century Scottish Highlander warrior spouse Jamie Fraser

Diana Gabaldon

Release Date
December 30, 1996


Book Genres
Historical Fiction
Historical Romance

Book Series



Diana Gabaldon’s stunning novel, steeped in history and adventure, continues the narrative of Claire Randall and Jamie Fraser, which began with the now-classic novel Outlander and was continued in Dragonfly in Amber and Voyager. Gabaldon has crafted another work of absolute brilliance, this one spanning continents and generations.

What if you knew you were going to lose someone you cared about? What if you believed you could help them? How much would you be willing to risk trying?

Claire Randall has left half her heart with their daughter, Brianna, to find Jamie Fraser, the man she loved more than life. Claire sacrificed Jamie in order to save Brianna, and now Bree has returned her mother to the Scottish warrior who was willing to devote his life to save them both. However, a disturbing finding in history reveals that Jamie and Claire’s narrative does not have a happy ending.

Brianna takes a perilous plunge into the unknown in search of her mother and father, whom she has never met, putting her own future at jeopardy in order to rewrite history and save their lives. However, when Brianna ventures into unfamiliar territory, a painful encounter may either permanently bind her to the past or anchor her in the place she should be, where her heart and soul belong.