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March 1, 2016


Into the Dim (2016)

Hope Walton’s private life cracks when she loses her mother in an earthquake overseas at the age of sixteen. When Hope agrees to spend the summer in Scotland, she learns that her mother was not only a bright academic but also a member of a secret organization of time travelers. And she’s still alive, albeit stranded in the 12th century, during the reign of Eleanor of Aquitaine. Hope has 77 hours to find her mother and return to their normal time.

Hope enters a cruel medieval realm of political intrigue, peril, and violence after passing through the Dim. A place where any significant interference could change the path of history. And when she encounters a guy with an uncanny resemblance to herself, she must choose between her duty and her love, both of which could lock Hope in the past for good.

Into the Dim is a YA version of Outlander that is addictive, romantic, and rich in historical knowledge.