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February 23, 2016



Version Control (2016)

The famous author of The Dream of Perpetual Motion returns with a gripping story about the influence of science and technology on our friendships, romantic relationships, and sense of self.

Rebecca Wright restored her life after years of pain and depression as a result of a personal tragedy. She makes her living working in customer service for the internet dating website where she met her husband for the first time. But she gets a peculiar, nagging feeling that everything around her is out of whack: She frequently feels as if she has entered a room and forgotten what she wanted to do there; on TV, the president appears to be the wrong person in the wrong place; and her dreams are filled with dread. Meanwhile, her husband’s decade-long devotion to his invention, the causality violation device (which he would like you not term a “time machine”), has effectively stopped his career and turned him into a laughingstock in the physics community. However, he may be closer to success than each of them realizes or can fathom.

Version Control is concerned with the possible near future, but it is also concerned with how we live now. It’s about smart phones, self-driving cars, and what we think about people we encounter on the Internet. It’s about a couple, Rebecca and Philip, who have been through a catastrophe and how they try – and fail to help – each other get through it. Version Control will change the way you see your future and present. It is emotionally strong and profoundly imaginative.

Version Control: A Novel

An NPR, GQ, and Buzzfeed Best Book of the Year/ One of The Washington Post’s best science fiction and fantasy books of the year. The acclaimed author of The Dream of Perpetual Motion returns with a compelling novel about the effects of science and technology on our friendships, our love lives, and our sense of self. 

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