Pam, did you ask about going forward in time? Do you need an invite from a future traveler? Where did MR. 0 get the ’67 chevy?

Bringing chunks of ground along with you as you casually rewrite the history of entire worlds? I guess thats why Docs’ Delorian was fitted with levitation equipment, to make a fast get away from angry property owners having to fill and grade every time he time jumps.

TimeLine 2015; STOP THE PRESSES!! 3 Billion Killed!!! Oh the presses are already stopped? Now if he time traveled *before* the planet was pulverized it would be a bit more believable.

Does Mr. 0 work for GE? Maybe he owns some GE stock. Speaking of stocks we could all use a hot tip from the guy that already knows who’s going to be the next Cisco, Coke or Microsoft.

Most importantly why would Mr. 0 want to talk the likes of us?