Hey TimeTravel_0!!!

So then what you’re saying is that our current computer models are wrong about Glacial and Polar Ice Cap melting, even though they are going by our current emmisions rate and projected emmisions of the growth of fossil fuels consumption?? While Global Warming is factually happening and even if we stopped burning fossil fuels today and stopped destroying the rain forests today, the impact that is already altered our planetary climate would not stop today as the ball is already rolling. The toxins in the ozone layer and the earths lessening inability to creat oxygen, due to the catastrophic daily destruction of the rain forests that give us most of our oxygen, would take longer than beyond the year 2036 to repair itself, even with our help. I find it amazing that if you throw a WWIII into the equation, one devistating enough to cause the death of 3 Billion people, would not add to the excelloration of Global Warming and raise the sea level to the point where in 2036 most of Florida will be underwater. Help me understand what reversed this impending climatic catastrophy..

Sincerely, Draco