Ok, Mr. 0 . First things: you have to realize that people will be hostile toward you when you make such a big claim. What reason have we to believe you? But, enough thought experiments occur here anyways, so…

I don’t think any era in history has been particularly noted for its compassion or selflessness. Why should we be any different?

Ok, so why not give us stock tips? You said you weren’t worried about polluting the timeline, right?

As for rewriting history, the normal objection is causality. But, if you use multiple-universe theory, then it’s all good. My question is, how do you get back to your proper universe – you said you’re very close to your family – how come another jump wouldn’t just send you into some third, different universe?

And, finally: what happens if you go back in time to a time when, right where you were standing, there was a giant cement block? Do you just appear inside of it and die? Or do you get pushed away?