Time Traveler-0

If you could bring some material thing back to your time in 2036 what would it be?

Could I travel to a future that was, say 0.5 seconds ahead of now? In the same vien, if you just happened to arrive at “the year 2000″ a fraction of a second in my past, or future would I ever know that you just ‘landed soonby”? In other words, what makes this time line be ‘now’ at any given moment versus being any other time. We exist as A point on a time LINE, what is it that defines that point?

As far as how wonderfull your people are in the time after the war I’m very happy for you. Maybe they succeded in wiping out the RIGHT 3billion people. Something that could not be done with the nuclear sledge hammer. Perhaps the enemy released a killer virus that zeros in on only those who carried the Idiot gene?

2036 is not impossibly far off, what is your street adress then? I’ll stop in and swap tales from days of old….assuming I live that long.