To: Shadow

If this shows up twice, I apologize.

(Your ’67 Chev looks remarkably new…….hmmmm)

Thanks. I sold it when I arrived here. It attracted a great deal of attention. Perhaps that’s why it was still around in 2036.

(…you are either in the employ of the US Army…)

More or less correct.

(Looks like you’ve got a little baby field model there, the owners of which would surely have bigger and badder ones to come and collect it with.)

Why would they come looking for me? I’m expected back but I will only have been gone a few seconds from their point of view.

(What you might not know is that the people who actually run things around now, will snatch you right out of your shoes at the first possible instant they get wind of you and your ah……. thing.)

Stupidity and greed are fairly predictable for a period of time.

(The one thing that you are REALLY REALLY NOT supposed to do is show up with something that might be percieved to be “dangerous”.)

Have you considered that your society might be better off if half of you were dead?

(Why not just spill the *entire* pan of beans before you split? Anything to piss off the rich folks, I say.)

I’m thinking about it. I’m waiting for my family to buy up all the good stuff cheap first…(joke).