For totally selfish reasons I would like to know how one would communicate across time periods? Think of the grief one could save themselves by simply by calling yourself at 6AM from 6PM and getting the lowdown on the days pitfalls.

It is tough for me to visualize how, from our perspective, the future is frozen solid such that you could knock around here for a week or two and yet scarcely a blink of an eye has passed in 2036.

If you want to get peoples attention, it seemes to me that a pocket full of real US currency and coins dated 2001 and up would cause a stir. It could be used as a standard test to see who is braindead and who can add 2+2.

You speak of 1 & 2 % “divergence” as being unimportant. I don’t get it. Like for example if OUR IBM5100 is 1% different than the code you have to run on it, it ain’t gonna work right. One percent in the FL vote count would be important. If I could see only 99% of the cars on the road it would be important to me. So, what exactly is X% divergent, and why is it not a major problem?

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