To daViper

Here’s the way I see it if I want to “foot travel or acre travel” or even frothing at the mouth mad dog banana split travel then I will just get on with it. I don’t need you to tell me I can’t. Heck if I want to pretend that I’m Superman and fly around the sun 50 times to save Lois Lane……..oh excuse me THAT ONE was YOUR idea.

We got a guy on here whom I believe to be an actual time traveler, somebody that knows about gravic shells. artificial singularities, computers and the history of the next 36 years. Somebody who has “been there done that” and I don’t really want to hear you spouting off about what you learned in 6th grade science class. I took the same class 35 years ago. Here is a news flash for you; Einstien was out of date 60 years ago.

You say there is no possibility of any time paradox ever occuring. How in heck would you know? Even if you are right on this one, its a lucky guess on your part. You don’t know. I don’t think you could think your way out of a paper bag.

You said that it is “tommorrow in Japan”. Does that mean that it is yesterday in Spain? Good grief, get a grip. If you would think a little more yourself, maybe you would be less inclined to tell everybody else how to do it.

I do advise however, that you could stick around and learn something.