I have to hand it to you that was funny!bananna split travel…hehheh

your a good person I can tell. :smile.gif:
I personally cannot understand why someone posts on a timetravel web site that doesnot beleive time travel is or ever will be possible. but Im glad they do because I do learn things from them.
I think it a little humerous….. although it would be foolish to beleive everyone that says they are a time travler that shows up on here, and we have actually disproved several fake attempts. I beleive if a real time traveler actually showed up… nobody would even beleive them. there is only a couple of people on here who even asked this guy questions. even though this web site gets an average hit of about 98 people in a 12 hour period.
how could you ever come to the knowledge of the truth if you dont ask questions?
my question is….do we really beleive time travel is possible or do we have to be one who experiences a little of it first before we will even consider it?
Is time travel ever going to be a possibility in our future? if the answer is yes but not for thousands of years…well if they travel back to our time then it now becomes a possibility in our time as well.

DaViper? why is it you have not attempted to Disprove why the diagrams could not work?
why have you not argued against the use of singularities? or why it could not be possible for him to be here? Is it because you don’t understand what it is you are seeing? I want to hear the arguments why nobody beleives this could be a possibility ….dont any of you people have an opinion?
In our current view of things The possibility of it not being true is pretty high for a time traveler to openly expose himself in this manner..but..what if in his world time travel is not a secret?
In relating to a time traveler from a future time may be like relating to an alien from another country,another dimension or even another world. you first have to understand the environment from which they came. depending on how far in the future it would be.. their thinking would not be the same on certain issues because of how they were raised in their environment.
I think it is as he has said though that some people would not beleive it even if the machine was right in front of them.

Just consider for a moment…. what if it was true? what a great opportunity you have all lost.


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