You sold your 67′ when you got here?
how do you expect to get back?!

Also, how have you overcome the problem of housing , food , job ,social security number , tax…or perhaps you are not here for that long.

Also how did you get on the net and have access to a scanner to reproduce your work on the net?

So many questions and things to do in this time..yet you have the time to post your C204 manual on the web.

I am not trying to disprove you Mr _0, but the people in power (pamela) urges us to ask relevant questions surrounding your existence in this time. This world is run on the economical side of things and i am just curious to how you happened to blend in to “our” way of living.

The way i see that you MAY be a T.Traveller judging by your grasp on quantumn mechanics and your vivid picture of the future but……

This world is run on the basis of “guilty until proven innocent” Myself..i would like to believe and your diagrams and schematics seem to confirm this. BUT there are skeptics out there who might think your a looney as you have seen.

I myself believe in timetravel and as the theory goes..” if , at any point in history we will be able to T.T , we are being visited by others right now , from the future.”

If it makes no matter that you are here telling us about your revolutionary new T.T device…what would happen if we SUPPOSEDLY built a prototype …as my argument would state about the P3 and the 286..we would fast forward events in time…..36 years or so , with the development of a prototype c204 right NOW , using the skematics you have given us.But as pamela said…”..dont any of you people have an opinion?”

I am not out to shatter your reputation on this forumn.. but i just want simple answers.

Thank you
Dr Light