To T.T_0,

So if we are a bunch of sick lazy ignorant stupid etc etc’s……what are YOU doing among us?

Do you like our artificial foods? Or is it the meaningless piles of “junk” we churn out year after year? Perhaps it is the choked atmosphere? And we also turn an “uncaring eye” away from the millions suffering too?

Perhaps this time is just like yours……
We still have war , hate and all the above.

Humph. I didnt know that what we think is so technologically advanced and superior ( myself excluded)is looked upon as ,for want of a better word, “Sh*t”

I agree with Shadow.

Can we help but to eat these foods , drink this water? Survival is the key word here.

But another question arises..
Do you think i am accusing you? I meerly went and posted a message about my opinions on the subject.I happen to strongly believe in Time travel and i also believe YOU.They are only QUESTIONS as i have stated Mr_0. I also dont think you are here to start a war, of all things. if it was for my family, i would go though time too.

Or else what would i be doing here?

As soon as anyone here on this forumn starts talking in terms of “not believing you” you get aggravated? I dont wish for that to be.
These are questions , and nothing more. Tell me if i have hit a soft spot. Im not trying to but it might seem that way.

Life here in 2000 is not at all easy for us here too. A handfull of people run this timeline….



Dr. P.Light

(P.S) There are a few questions (not accustaions as you out them) i would like to ask about the workings of the C204 unit before you leave us. I will post them up later.