What Can we do to help you here in this time line. Who is responcible for the disaster to come? Can you tell us if the world has been unified under one single goverment in your time. To you have the means to calculate interactions over the range of the universe so that to enable which alterations need to be made at which points in the present universe at given times in order recreate an optimal time period for yourself when you return. Remeber this no matter what generation one goes to their is alwas trechory for it is sin in the human race that enables such degradation. What do you think about our time period? Have you tried any of our fast food? What technologies were lost as a result of the war? Who won the war? My favorite junk food is M&M;’s. What ebergy source did you use for your traveling technique. Did you use acceleration or compression as a stabilizing force. How did you overcome the temperal turbulence caused by the affects of time dialation? Was topology a big part of it? Are you seeking to return to a parallel dimension? In the present. Has anyone actually created a true interdimensional device. Or has only parrellel frames past frames been abtained within the worldline of the negative universe? What do you need to fix your ship? Has your resurfacing in the past resulted in the creation of a parallel entity as a result of the transfer of a phantom point of entity equivalence across the intersimensional barrier resulting in the abstraction of an existant entity out of the fractional entity less then zero. Have you figured a way to counter this energy?