to TT_0 and the currious

The fact that better equipment is supposed to get the reverse-time traveler closer to their actual past indicates that there is an ACTUAL SPECIFIC past that he is aiming for. So if in practical application the traveler ends up 2% divergent upon arrival in the past and if he stays in that line he finds that it is not a line at all, but that going forward, divergence approches infinity. If this is so, the only way to get back to ones’ original future is to have left some kind of specified object or condition there as a marker. Reverse time divergence is an artifact of the machine you use and not a built in natural law of physics.

In this idea the past is exactly behind you and the future is always and litterally “right around the corner”, It also suggests that the self is fractionalized over several to many parallel time lines eventhough we may only *realize* one line at once. Organic psyche may be what LIMITS divergence (of time lines). Also if this theory is correct we may be 2% divergent from TT_0 but going forward in this time line he is 98% divergent from us. My logic is pretty good here, how’s my facts?

BTW Someone just gave me a working IBM 5160. Should I save it or toss it?