To: T-T-0

Just a quick question before i jet,

Does the events happening in the Middle east concerning the Arabs and Jews have anything to do with the coming war? I mean to say that since the jewish population seems to have quite considerable power now in 2000, would they mount a force against other countries or am i under the beief that the war will result from the U.S government election?(among other things).

On another previous note,

You must understand that we cannot just willingly give in our skeptisism just because a person comes onto a bulliten board and announces that he/she is from 2036?

Tell me T-T_0, when you first typed a message here announcing your arrival…did anyone believe you? We have had proven “false” time traelers here before as you may have heard. ut your considerable grasp of quantumn physics and distortion fields seems to justify you.

Seems like your the …”real deal”

P.S–I KNEW that particle acceleraton technology would be part of time travel!!!
Makes sense doesnt it!

P.P.S– Singularity cooling pump?
What do you cool the singularity with?