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Time travel has been taking place for thousands of years.

The foremost device used was the pyramids around the world
used by ancient civilizations. This was for time travel and not so much as a burial site as commonly believed. The physics behind this is the sacred geometrics of the pyramid shape.

The geometric shape of the pyramid allows for the concentration of “White Light” as well as “Dark Light”.
The dark light was conduited from the area in the pyramid know as the “well” which no one could understand its use as it is a hole that suddenly stops with no apparent purpose
or use.

Above the King’s Chamber are huge layered stomes with air spaces. One side shiny and smooth and the other side dark and rough. This is a capacitance machine for the separate
collection of the 2 light sources.

These 2 light sources, one coming from the earth and the white light from the cosmos above criss crossed but did not intersect each other at the point of the sarcophagus. This technology allowed for time travel and the opening of the “third eye”.

As well, the design of 2 pyramids intersecting base to base
to give you the design of the 6 point star, (or the star of david), is the sacred symbol and geometry to enter into zero point time or Christ Consciousness.

There are modern day devices that impliment these principals
for time travel.

By having your own brain operating at the same harmonic frequency as obtained through man made devices, can give you
the same ability to do conscious time travel.