Reflecting upon the words timetravler_0 has shared with me personally and what I have posted of some of our conversations and watching the news everyday seeing what is happening now in Florida and the courts has made me think deeply upon the United States and the US constitution. What the US was founded on origionally.
I found a web site that has the US constitution and the bill of rights here:

for anybody interested in reading it.

I printed out the whole constitution including the bill of rights and then sat down and read the whole thing out loud to myself thinking deeply on the rights our founding fathers were trying to protect.
For those of you U.S. citizens who cant remember the constitution beyond the words,
“we the people.” its probably time to take another look.
You never know what the future will be like.
or how it will change.
The future is up to us…..

At the beginning of the constitution the first three words “WE THE PEOPLE..” was written in large letters on purpose.