Dear timetravel-0,
Do you believe in the lord Jesus Christ as your personal saviour? Would it be safe to assume that the substance of time itself might be classified as the sum of two equal opposite forces acting in direct canscelation? If the person or persons responcible for the development of time travel technologies were posting on this sight would you let them know that they were or are responsible. If so would you do so directly or would you hint it only. Or would you use a third option that is to be careful not to say anything that would point out the person or persons responsible neither to the persons responsible themselves nor to the other persons that are on this forum? In short will you say something a coded message that the person or persons responsible only will be able to pick up on or recognize to know that they are the ones responsible for the development of the technologies. It can be anything that the person or persons will recognize as indisputable evidence not as your being valid but as them being the ones responcible for the development? If you are not willing to answer this please just be straight forward about this and answer that you are unwilling to let the persons no who they are. If you have any questions as to my identity ask pamela for she knows who I am and is free to oblige you the information. If you wish to answer this privately even if the answer is no fill free to e-mail me at [email protected] . I believe that is all the questions I have for know please have a good trip back and thanks for visiting our time line it has been an honor. On behalf of us all I welcome you to return any time you wish. Goodluck and Godspeed. Live long and live well.


Lcpl Edwin Gary Schasteen U.S.M.C. Active