I think you know very well the answers to the questions you have asked. You just want to guage the quality of our replies, or just remind us that we SHOULD be up to speed on our constitutional rights and responsibilities.

A young person should want to survive and live for better days ahead. At some point, however, an older person will realize, especially in the face of disaster, that better days are NOT on the horizon…….ever. What you are forcasting for 95% of the present population is 20 years of hell followed by survivors in the rubble. I’ve already put in my 40 year shift of work and worry. Why should we fret over politics on our way to slaughter? Isn’t that like telling the Captain of the Titanic, that all he has to do to save the ship is to back up really fast after the collision?

It was obvious 5 to 10 YEARS ago that we’ve been SOLD OUT. For us, the game is over. I should offer an excuse for apathy? It should do for a reason at least. Actually TT-O, maybe in you we can see that eventually SOMEBODY finds their friggin guts and puts an end to the madness.