I had a flashback once, not too long ago, just a few seconds ago in fact. It had to be a flashback. I saw a former Governor of Texas, Bush I believe, saying “I wish I were a dictator but this is not a dictatorship!” Also he mentioned something to the effect of “You are aware of the fact that any resession that may come along next year or so, is Bill’s fault, really.” FWEEEEET! Hey pal, can I intrest you in a little tax cut? Very popular in this election year you know. (Hey babe you wanna count some ballots? Your dimples are soooo cute.” “Chad, I think I might be pregnant.”) If I’m laid off do I still get my multimillion dollar tax cut, huh Gorge? Huh Huh? George? GEORGE!!??……..”.just wait your turn sir, the President Elect is busy playing with his yo-yo right now.” This only thing missing out of national politics righ now is a Ryder rental truck full of whoopie cushions.

Yes, speaking of The Flood. The real flood can’t hold a candle to the flood of bull**** that is commin down the pike these days. Are they TRYING to whizz us off, or do they deserve an Oscar for acting as thought they were. There are other possible explainations. Like Terminal Stupidity. Or the desire for population reduction (you). Or how about creepy aliens, time traveling spooks, or maybe even that half spoiled turkey sandwich you had for lunch.

Of coarse the screamingly hysterical part of it is that they act like we ain’t supposed to notice. Right. “Waiter, check please!”