Well as far as I can tell, it seems that only two of us here are willing to answer TT_0’s questions. (Three – Shadow answered at least one question.) What’s wrong? Are you afraid of being judged in some way? Most of the people who post here on this forum seem to enjoy playing around (and sometimes bickering and putting each other down). So what is the problem? It seems as though when you find out someone is observing you and says so, you clam up. Yes I know that implies that you believe his claims or you don’t think he is worth responding to. Yet most of you will take the time to bicker. You could just tell him that you don’t want to answer any of his questions. You can’t even do that instead you will ignore those questions and write a lengthy reply to someone else just to get your point of view across. Well that is what TT_0 is asking for. Why do you find so hard to answer him? It implies that you believe him more then your willing to admit. And you don’t like the idea of being classified by an observer from a future time. I think he is right, on the whole, “sheep” – bickering sheep. Ok, you can blast me by being honest in answering TT_0 questions. (That is the only basting that is acceptable.)