I thought I already answered the questions you posed on this particular theory to me in my last posting. I apologize I didnt have more time to post more info on it. It was only one theory out of many that I have heard. I mentioned this one because of the article I read two years ago in the city newspaper.
The book the info came from was “A scientific approach to biblical mysteries.”by Robert W. Faid.I have another book called “Beyond Star Wars.”which I cannot locate at this moment. which is a scientifically based book discussing the many theories of ancient mysteries around the world. and it also mentions the water vapor canopy. both of them mention the rain falling for forty days and nights from the canopy and the rest of the water coming from the fountains of the earth being broken up.
I have never heard of the “young earth creationists.” what is their web site? I would like to check out their theories.
One thing is certain though, DaViper, there was a flood for the evidence was left in the Earth. How it happened rests now in theories because noone knows for sure.
You know when it comes to Ancient Events most of the time all you ever have are theories because none of us were there at the time. and many things are not in existance at this time that were there in their time.Theories are formed and based on evidence found at the time and from piecing together writings or anything else found from the time period.or things found in the Earth.
someday we shall all know the truth. Maybe someday somebody will go back and “check it out” and see for themself. I am not afraid to study anything or research any theory. I piece it all together as I go keeping everything in mind. I see things from many different angles. and eventually the truth will be known. :smile.gif:
Peace to you always.

(Robert W. Faid-a nuclear scientist and consultant to the nuclear power industry, has developed patented processes which have been used to protect nuclear power plants around the world against earthquakes and flooding.)

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