The laws of physics have nothing to do with a belief system.

They are what they are whether one believes them or not. All the old belief that the world was flat didn’t make it so.

All the belief that the earth was the center of the Solar System and Universe couldn’t make it so.

And all the belief in the world that a “universal flood” EVER existed can’t change the laws of physics that make such an event utterly impossible.

Where did all the water go when this “flood” was over? Evaporate into space? Sorry not possible under the laws of physics that are governed by the very gravity of the earth itself. Water which is heavier than air, evaporated into the vacume of space and left the earth’s atmosphere behind? Sorry no dice. It just doesn’t work like that as any meteorologist can tell you.

The story is based on local phenomenae at the time it originated. It probably looked to the inhabitants at the time that the “whole world” was flooded but the reality of physics is that it is not, never was, and can never be possible. (Barring collisions with several thousand Comets that is. Which would wipe out all life, change the entire structure of the mantle itself and cause evolution to start all over again.)

There is NO evidence this has ever happened in this manner.

The belief stems from the desire to insist on a literal interpretation of the Bible that the earth is but 6-8 thousand years old.

But it isn’t just that meteorology, geology, palentology, astronomy, biology, physics, quantum mechanics or cosmology each show that this is impossible, it’s that ALL these sciences agree thru related and intertwined studies that the aforementioned is simply not possible.

If one wants to toss aside ALL of these studies and the verifiable evidence they produce in favor of a mytology based on a single text that has NO proof, than I guess one is free to do so.

But an Ostrich is free to stick his head in the sand also.