I’m not sensitive about it at all. And I also respect the religious beliefs of others. (I get a kick out of some of the stories I see preffered from time to time.) 🙂 But when hypothesis are profferred to suport religious belief that can be proven to be scientifically incorrect, one needs to realize that while religion is a personal matter, one cannot cancel the laws of physics in order to cling to beliefs that simply are not true.

The only people that see conflict between religion and science are staunch religionists. Sagan, Einstein et al were both believers in God. Hawking is a pure Agnostic. Which means that while he does not firmly accept the existence of God, he doesn’t reject it either.

Science is not attempting to disprove God (some scientists MAY be atheistic) but Science itself takes no stand on the existence of God. He either is, or He isn’t. To science, it matters not either way.

Hey, maybe God DID create the Earth. But it’s a simple fact that He did not create it in what WE refer to as “6 days” as is metaphorically described in Genesis.

If one’s faith is truly strong, all the scientific FACT in the world shouldn’t be able to shake it. Even when preposterous claims are made but such as ‘rgrunt’ above.

His story is an old one and is without basis in fact. It has been circulated by the “Creationists” for many years. If ‘rgrunt’ did just a little research, he would find that CARBON dating is not used in Paleontology for dating things from MILLIONS of years ago. Other radio-isotope methods are used. There are 5 all in all. Each has it’s own period of effectiviness depending on the half-life or decay rate of the isotope involved.

No scientist would even TRY to date a 50 million year old sample with Carbon dating. And any story that claims someone did is pure fabrication and bunk since no scientist would ever claim that he has.

By all means, please keep searching for the truth. But don’t take someone else’s word for anything. Do the research. The web is full of good science and “snake oil” salesmen like ‘rgrunt’.

I wish you peace and success in your search for truth.