P. S. Pamela:

By the way, think about this.

Physicists for quite some time now have understood radioactive decay quite well. In fact so well, we’ve been able to construct clocks based of the decay of various elements.

Since these clocks are SO accurate, they are used by NASA to time events in the travel of our space vehicles. The precision involved in sending the Pioneer, Voyager, etc Spacecraft to the outer planets for picture taking is so intricate that only atomic clocks will do.

If our understanding of radioactive decay was flawed, then these clocks would not work as we intend them too, and those planetary fly-by events we all remember NEVER took place since the craft would have missed the targets by millions of miles.

Mr. ‘rgrunt’ has some homework to do.

By the way, Evolution is observable not only in Nature but reproducable in the laboratory. Those who claim it doesn’t exist are either too afraid to admit they are wrong, or just plain too stubborn to accept reality.

It’s a scary thing to be proven wrong. Once one realizes it, one is stuck with the idea that other things one believes in MAY be wrong also. This is hard for some people to accept since it shakes the foundation of their whole belief system.

But an open mind and a willingness to actually learn will always get one through the tough spots.

I have no idea how or why the Universe came into existence, but I’m not going to worry about it. And I’m for sure NOT going to buy into ideas of how it happened that simply are not so, and can be proven to BE not so.

I bid you a good day.