thankyou for providing the links to Ong’s hat they are very interesting.I will be looking at it more indepth.

Time 02112,
boy, the “z” machine story got around pretty quick!

If Art Bell has admitted to the time traveler being fake why are the stories still posted on his site? Knowing Art Bells
character I think he would have written a follow up letter on it or pulled all the faxes from the site.
It still does not mean the faxes are legitimate however.
one thing I have been noticing though is some of the predictions were not acurate. A time traveler from another worldline can really only testify to what he has seen on his worldline. but now I am beginning to wonder….how many timetravelers are out there? how many are on this worldline at any given time? how many times can you alter events before something happens?
a lot of what waverider spoke on in his final faxes sounds a lot like timetraveler_0’s testimony. I know TTO is going to be really interested in reading waveriders faxes. perhaps he may be able to relate to some of the language written.