I see your brand new here, so I can understand if you don’t know the history of what I’ve said in past posts. Let me just say that yes Time Travel will be this worlds greatest technological breakthrough, when it becomes real (to this timeline that is).

However, unlike you who wishes to see this issue of Time Travel as a scientist in an objective manner.

I choose to see this issue on a human/moral level. Is it ethical to Time Travel? Is it right to change the past with the knowledge one knows now in the future?

You’ve all seen “Back to the Future 2” where Marty is in the future, and he attempts to take back with him an almanac to place sports bets in the past.

Well, you can see where the moral implication can put us in, if our curiosity to go back and do things in this manner will do to our society? If one person does it, others will want to too.

If others are getting genetically engineered, others will want to too. To keep up at least, since now the rich who can afford it, are this super eugenic species (with intelligence and looks). Will we say then “Survival of the Fittest?”

Where does that leave out normal hard working honest people? Apparently that no longer exists.

Therefore, as you can see, my only beef with Time Travel is that it can be abused. Sure it can benefit us, but I am an Activist trying to get the word out that it’s not just glamorous and wonderful as it may sound, and that we should all jump in the band-wagon with it.

Someone needs to look out for humanities best interest in preserving our way of life, and I’m willing to take on that responsibility. Who can say the same?