i have read all the 6 pages of this board, and i can see all is about the story of mister tt_0, i only can had 1 conclusion, its AMAZING; but just amazing, i mean the only thing we can do is belive or not, but cmon we are phisycs, we not belive, we KNOW, our knowledge is based on the brain, the belive is based on heart, its important belive in something but not be blind for this, i come to this board(whit another nick) a few months ago and you just talking about ways to travel in time, pure teorical phisics, but now this board seems like belive or not belive, love or not love the mister tt_0.

I am not against the m. tt_0, if he travel or not, for me is his problem, i mean the first time i read the m. tt_0 i think woao!!! a real time traveler!!, but a few seconds later, i was disapointed because i wanna be the man who make the time machine, i wanna be the first time traveler, and this guy come and said i travel in time, i was blue, but then i think may be i or we will be the builders of the time machine, but this only can hapen if we do phisycs, if we do teories, if we do experiments, ni mean, this cant hapen if we only are limited to belive and love or not belive and no love an “apparental time traveler”, or if we just talk about “its true or not the time traveler”.

In 6 pages of board you just talk about how will be the future, belive or not, our society is bad or not, cmon stop do this questions, the future we will see it in a few years, the society is so bad all of we know that, the war of 2015 will be (if be)for some valid reasons or not valid but we cant do anithing about that, or if we do it will be another line in time, so we never know if we do it or not.

So mi point is stop talk about “its true or not ” and lets think about “how can we do a time travel”. Just think, which one is the dream of all of us? and the chose betwen talk or think, belive or do it fact.

Sincerily andera

p.s. Answer me, i wanna know the comments of all of you