Its been a long time since anybody has had to worry about converting IBM legacy code into more modern language. I’m not sure even when the 5100 was made, I’m guessing the early to mid ’70s. The term geek hadn’t even been invented yet. Before 1980 only overworked men with bad hearts ever saw a computer. In short, the supply of 5100 experts is probably too thin to show up on this small board. So wadda we know?

Heck, Colonel Corsoe & Co. would have us believe that the IBM line was copied from a crashed alien sauser.

The 2038 date bug in Unix is no secret. It just runs out of bit space for holding larger date code numbers. I worried a whole lot about the Y2K bug. I got my butt fooled. I lost half of my net worth AND two years of work. Whoopie. LET the friggen thing blow up, maybe somebody ELSE will get a well needed lesson.