Hi everyone,

Pamela, to respond to your previous post:

yes, we’ve had some snow over here, but it’s raining cats and dogs again as usual.. 🙂

From our point of view, lets just say “this worldline”, timetravel does not yet exist. To put it in other words: timetravel will (probably) exist in the future, but assuming time goes by in chronological order it does not exist yet.

If we take a “non-linear” approach to time, timetravel does indeed already exist. It all just depends on the way you look at things. I guess we’re both right in this case.

As for Timetravel_0. I’m very sceptic about the story he has provided us with. But it remains an interesting story nonetheless. It doesn’t matter whether we believe it or not. At least he’s caused a 6 page thread and he made people think about certain aspects of modern society. It’s only logical that someone from the future has no gain in proving that he really is a timetraveler.

So lets just stick to the subject of timetravel instead of proving or disproving the story of Timetravel_0.

As for Juanito and TimeTravelActivist. Listen very carefully, I shall only say this once 😉 Perhaps it’s a good idea to start a new thread called “The Resistance” or something similar. That would be a great opportunity to discuss the “danger” of timetravel and recruit new members.

Greetings from rainy Amsterdam, it feels like I’m freezing yet the water that falls from the sky does not :-))