The thing that I picked up from Mr. TT_0’s recent post is that he seemed to be saying that time travel is not something you believe in or disbelieve. That is not how things work, you must discover and experiment not just take in what others may say. If people just sat around saying I believe it is possible to fly and never went out and tested it then we would never have made aviation possible. Likewise, we can neither definitively accept or deny TT_O’s claim of being an actual time traveller until physical and hence experimental proof of time travel is obtained.
My past inquiries of TT_O were merely for my curiousity. I have never accepted or denied his claim. Although, I must admit the easiest and most uncomplicated solution would be that he is not. As far as that wave rider person, his statements on the fax are contrary to our historical line and hence I do not buy his story. I personally do not see how time travel could be possible just using the physical body and mind anyway.