In 2036, community life is a bit different. People are valued and judged based on their contribution and worth. Work is organized around the family and the value of that work is assessed inside of the community. Most communities range in size from 1000 to 4000 people. If a family wanted to move from one community to another or if a son or daughter wanted to move to another community, they must apply and be interviewed by the community leadership council. During this process, the family or individual is evaluated as to whether or not the work or skill they have is required or necessary to that individual community. Once accepted, the family or individual is expected to uphold their end of the work and support the community. If they donít, the community stops supporting them and they are forced to change their attitude or move away from the community.

The family work we did was picking, sorting and shipping oranges by sailboat up and down the coast of Florida. We were expected to produce a certain amount for the community and a certain amount for other communities as agreed to by our CLC. In exchange, we received power, water, a certain amount of food and other necessities that were produced inside our community.

I see this message board as a small community and I have no other way to value the contributions of others on it other than what my past experiences tell me. I have tried to answer as many questions as I can without being annoying, repetitive or inappropriateÖ and for some of you entertaining. Under these conditions, I have decided to seek guidance from all of you, the other members of this community, as to whether or not my postings are of any value to the direction of these discussions. If they are getting distracting or repetitive, I will stop and continue to enjoy reading your thoughts and ideas.

((Who receives the Nobel Prize for inventing time travel? Surely, since there is a divergence from your time line such information would be of no consequence to divulge.))

There are a great many people involved with the discovery of time travel. Just as I will not give ďstock tipsĒ, I will not divulge their names as that may impact their lives now.

((Timetraveler_0 have you ever heard of the “Waveriders”?))

No, I canít say that I have although I am in no position to say if itís true or not.

((What could you surmise, as to what might happen, as a result if you provided us with copies of various news articles in relation to “Technology Reports” published a year in our future, or any “Time” after (Such as in your “Worldline” as you so describe?))

If I had any and I published them, Iím sure they may have a large impact. Unfortunately, I donít have any with me. Even if I did, Iím sure they would be scrutinized also. Again we get back to the same question. If you were a time traveler, what would you do to establish your credibility?

((You said that there were 7 other time travellers that you knew of who were on various missions from 2036 on your timeline. I am curious have people in 2036 been visited by people from further in the future? One would think that once time travel was possible and widely known that visitors from other time frames would be more likely to be visible and willing to be upfront about their visitation to the period after time travel, A.T.T (after time travel)).

No, I am not aware of time travelers visiting my worldline in 2036. However, that does not mean it canít or isnít happening. Also, the possible number of worldlines a time traveler might arrive at would place the chances of them hitting any particular one at very long odds.

((However, there is one thing I would like to know. TimeTravel_0 if in fact you have been to the future, what happens to JCS- ME =)? Am I deeply involved in this Time Travel project as well? What of the resistance?))

I have no idea what happens to you in your future. There was a resistance on my worldline but their goal was to maintain power and control over other people. We killed most of them by 2020.

(Does anyone know how big an IBM 5100 is??)

I would say its about 20Ē long, 10Ē high and 30Ē long.

((I’ve had a …erm…falling out with T-T-0 in the past as you have no doubt seen if you have read the past messages.))

Iím not aware we had a falling out. I apologize if you think thatís the case.

((in the 2036,do they still publish books?
if so,do they still have those Cliff Notes books? the yellow ones,about things like physics and geometry and common time displacement theory and such?
hint hint… ))

Yes, books are still published. If I had any cliff notes with me I would let you decide if they should be posted or not.

((is the government regulating the time machine you used to get here, or are you free to do as you choose?))

The displacement machine is not mine but I am free to make certain decisions based on the experiences and information I gather from each worldline. I am expected back but from their perspective, I will only have been gone for a split second.

((So do you plan on keep avoid answering my questions? You been awfully quiet since I’ve returned… Time Traveling must keep you very busy huh.))

Iím not sure what questions you are referring to. You did ask one question about yourself, right below the link to your website. I am confused why you would think I would know anything about you.