Thank you rgrunt. Peace and success to you likewise.


Well said.

I think sometimes poeple confuse “open minded” with “gullible”.

Open minded is when you are ready (open) to recieve any information that can be enlightening or even just plain subjective to you. In this, all things are possible.


Being gullible. This is when you unquestioningly accept something just because someone else says so. One has to do one’s own homework to get to real truth.

Gullibility then deteriorates into the worse condition of all. Self imposed ignorance. This is where one accepts as true, that which has ALREADY BEEN PROVEN to not be so. Or continues to believe that something is NOT so when it has been proven to be true. Those who still believe the world is flat fall into this last category. And they are STILL out there.

Maybe TT_O IS a Time Traveller. But his reluctance to offer any proof of such damages his credibility. Saying he “doesn’t care” whether he is believed or not is really nothing more than a cop out. And allows him to side-step the issue of proof.

I cannot say for sure whether Time Travel is, or ever WILL be possible. I simply don’t know. But I have a certain amount of confidence that TT_O is NOT one.

His story IS creative. But the physics just don’t add up.