Well, what do we have here :smile.gif: ? There seems to be some Latino homiez in da house here… I’m part Hispanic too bro’s.

Hey, listen up… As a Time Traveler to the future my self, I have seen the uniforms. I have even put one on. Therefore, if TimeTraveler_0 can offer us a picture of his uniform as proof, I will verify it’s legitimacy with the one I wore.

However, I wouldn’t count on you actually telling us the truth… I know people, and I can sense when they are telling the truth, and when they are lying.

Isn’t that right people? (Those of you who know me, when have I ever been wrong about people?). I told you so, so many times .

Anyway’s, if you can get this picture and I know you can’t. I would like to establish a real-time chat. We will invite 3 or 5 members to represent each side.

Your side, claiming to have Time Traveled and making a big public notice about it. And me, who will set the record straight and who will verify your story. Let me just let you know right now; this won’t be an easy chat for you. There will be no more posts where you can think of what to say and take your time with.

You will be caught in lies either by me, or my side of members.

So, are you up to the challenge? Answer A.S.A.P. by Go or No-Go. However, if your answer is No-Go, please supply a statement saying why.

Got to go for now.


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