TT_0 thanks for the reply RE: sharing future technological reports, or publications…

You have expressed an inability to provide them now, for lack of having any with you, before you arrived in our “Worldline”

Could you please make a note, to remind yourself to bring them with you on your “Next Visit” here?
(Providing there will be another “Visit”)

Meanwhile, why not use your memory to paint us a more “Specific” picture of your worldline, by providing us with some more “Detailed” information that would provide to those who may be more skeptical? in the least by accepting this challange (instead of avoiding it) what harm would it possibly bring? if you keep out any information that may not be acceptably permissable in order to prevent any clandestine repercussions of the future outcome of a series of events which are crucial to our future to come, so that they may play out their roles, as they were intended, I can only see that there are still many variable details that you “CAN” Disclose to us that would not be this detrimental, and only “Add” to your Credability.

One good example of such, I would like to ask you to disclose the names of these “Five Presidents” that you mentioned earlier.

*Who:> Who are they?
and who are those involved with breathing life into this supposed NWO, that many people in our current world-line are so afraid of?

*What:> A.)What are their primary, and post secondary functions within the New GVT?

B.) What is the extent of their Authoritive positions of power?

C.) What is our New GVT like, compared to our worldline’s current GVT?
(is it anything Like the Dreded NWO as predicted?, or did this dictatorial NWO rise to power as prohecised, and suddenly get defeated?*(was this what you implyed by your earlier comment represented by the nuber of those slain, that attempted to “control” the free citizens?)

*Where:> Where do they reside?

*When:> When do each of them officialy acquire their respective positions of Authority?

Why:> Why did the New GVT suddenly enlist five Presidents?

(Anyone else care to jump on this & add more questions pertaing?)