It sounds more like your backing out TT_0.

Why not answer my posts directly and on the same week as I posted them?

You sound fearful…

You say you cannot disclose information that may threaten to change people in this worldline personally. Though you have no idea how much you have changed people already with your big mouth.

Let me ask you something… Let’s assume for a minute that you are a Time Traveler. Tell me, what is the policy when encountering an unknown variable?

You came into this discussion board for reasons that only you would know. To accomplish something that you thought would benefit us? Or to relinquish some make believe fantasy you had?

Who knows…?

But hey, don’t get me wrong, I used to play Cops and Robbers too. Super heros are cool . But when you came here, you didn’t come here as a call to save humanity… did you? No, there was something else wasn’t there?

Well, it sounds to me that your stay here is numbered. I can only imagine what peril this will bring upon you once you get back.

I can only say, thanks. You’ve restored my will to keep up my fight to stop people like you messing up the TimeLine.

And oh, that unknown variable, it’s me. You didn’t plan on encountering resistance. Especially a TimeTravelActivist. Hey this sounds more like something that would happen at the end of a Scobby Do cartoon . “You rotton kids…”

I suggest you don’t underestimate the past and think you can waltz in here assuming nothing can go wrong. You may be the Traveler, but I’m a native to this land. Take a lesson from history, and just respect people’s domain.

That’s assuming that you are a Time Traveler. But personally I think your just playing into people’s fascination with TimeTravel. Why else would you be here, in a TimeTravel discussion Forum, claiming to be a TimeTraveler? You tell people what they want to hear, of course there going to believe you. You only keep them guessing and their fantasy going.

I gotta go, but you just think about doing that again in another message board, you can expect the same results. Someone out there, is a TimeTravelActivist just like me, ready to speak out. Remember that…

-Javier C.

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