You still didn’t answer my questions. Instead you went off the subject, and attempted to blame me for something I have no control over.

Let’s set the record straight here. If TimeTravel is used wisely, ethically, and with intentions that don’t allow for an advantage in which ever side is using it. Then I am fine with it.

But, if it is used to go back and change events in favor of a world governmets hidden agenda, then yes I would like them to be punished. How would you like to be exploited? Who likes being used…?

So in retro-pects, I sense you have anger in me, for having morals and a sense of ethics on this issue of Time Travel. I don’t want this ability to be used by eager selfish people who want to play God with life.

Excuse me, but I may be a bit old fashion, but traditions and ways of life are things to hold on to. Sure, advancement of the human race is a good ideal to have as well, but not through the means of Time Travel.

So in conclusion, I still await your answers to my questions. What do you have to lose that you haven’t already messed up already.

I mean no disrespect, but you don’t seem to have the wisdom that I would expect someone from an advanced future would have. Your ideals are to liberal, much like in the 70’s where things were all about Sex, drugs and free love. Nasty…

No, The worldline you described sounds defeated, desperate, will accept everything new without question.

You sound the same exact way. Reading over your last post I couldn’t help but feel that. If you are an example of what people in the future feel about life, if you per-se are like a representative of that TimeLine. I’ll tell you what, that TimeLine, that world sucks.

That’s all for now, I gotta get back to work.

Javier C.