Hi everybody. Im back.
getting use to my new computer system. :smile.gif:

I was going to post something here and reference it to a previous post but for some reason those two postings have disappeared and I have been over and over pages 5,6,7,and 8 and cannot find it at all.

It was a posting by TTO replying to ,I believe ,Trott. he made a cryptic message to him asking him if he ever heard the “Princeton string quartet play.” and trott responded back that he knew who the scientists were in the Princeton string quartet. I cannot find these two interesting postings at all. Does anyone know where they are? The only one that can delete postings completely are the moderators.MOP,DYMENZION did you delete them? Trott and TTO are not even registered to edit their postings.
My question is WHAT HAPPENED TO THOSE POSTINGS???????????????????????????????

Anyway I cannot refer back to them now so I will just tell you one of CERN’S employees has recommended to me to read “QED” the strange theory of light and matter. by Richard P. Feynman. I was hoping it was not a big book when I got the book, at the top of it, in purple and white were these words:


(Princeton, New Jersey
Princeton University press)

anyway I am curious about the missing postings. TTO take a look back…do you know what happened to it? if so write me.maybe I am just overlooking it.although I checked over those pages 4 times!

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